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    More bad news coming out this week – there is strong evidence that Jimmy Saville was abusing young girls for a long long time while he was at the height of his TV career.

    Esther Rantzen, who is very reputable, is saying that it was all covered up because he was so popular and TV bosses did not want the rumours gaining credence. She said there were rumours galore but they were shushed within the TV industry and that she believes it is true and that he was covered for because of his popularity.

    It is so sad if this is true and if these children were made to be quiet because he was so powerful and popular. No doubt, there will be much more to come on this one.

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … girls.html


    I cant believe it, I grew up watching him on Jim ll fix it and top of the pops etc.
    He has done so so very much for charity.

    Why is it only coming out now he has died?

    I hope its not true but I fear now that the real truth will never come out, after all he is dead now and cannot tell his side of things. So i think his name and good work will forever be tarnished now.

    If it was true shame on him abusing the trust that surrounded him.


    Why did they wait until he was dead? A dead man cant defend himself…. maybe it did happen, but why now? If you wanted justice would you not have came out when he was alive? He didnt die a young man he was in his 80’s


    Its a tough one alright but the thing that makes me think it is true, is Esther Rantzen saying she believes it. She says it was covered up because he was so popular and she had her suspicions but was basically silenced because he was so hugely popular and powerful. She does not seem like the kind of person who would add fuel to a fire like this unless there was good reason to think it was true.

    He was knighted and was so popular so I can understand why these women kept quiet – who would believe them over him? Especially with all this charity work. But if its not true, then its awful for his reputation. more and more will come out about this over the coming weeks no doubt but with him gone, will the truth ever be known?


    I do believe that Esther saw what she saw, that sort of cover up was very common back in the day.
    I just think waiting until after his death kinda waters things down, if it was me i would have went after him when he was alive.
    I know a girl who came out after her father died that he had abused her, she was from a family of 7 and not others in the family suffered, it was about 10 years ago and it broke the family apart. Her sister was saying she cant support her as she doesnt know who to believe and the father isnt here to defend himself.
    I would have met the man many many times and he was a gentleman, not one child who knew this man when we were kids had a bad word to say about him.


    If it is true then shame on those that knew and covered it up. It is every adults duty to tell the authorities if they suspect or know thatabuse is taking place


    ok just incase it is true i’m just sticking my neck out here and pointing out a few things
    i was abused as a child and i didn’t start to speak out until he died because i was convinced i’d get into trouble or be blamed for what happened (plus he had me brainwashed)
    so i know how scared the girls would of been because he was in a position of power….thats all i’m saying on that point, i hope it isn’t true though


    It is disturbing to think that he worked so closely with children and got away with this unti now. Now his family will have to suffer from his cruelty.

    I was unsure while watching the programme, but seeing Esther at the end showed me that there was alot of cover up.. terrible no one spoke out.

    Joey, fair play to you for speaking out even after his death, I’m sure that must have been very hard for you. I can understand why you waited though.. as a child it must be terrifying to feel afraid of someone and for them to have such power. xxxx


    God Joey thats terrible! I can understand why you didnt speak out, but you are just one person who choose to make that choice… there are women coming out of the wood work, what are the odd’s that every single victim made a choice not too say a word. i do find it strange.

    I would love to see the programme what was the name i wonder is it on sky anytime?


    maybe if you google it you could find it….
    you never know if things are true these day with the way the media hypes it up..its no wonder so many abuse cares go unreported with false allegations giving the real victims a bad rep
    i hope for his sake none of its true, i hate to hear bad things of people who did good…but you never know


    I know Joey the media really really hype things up, just look at the April Jones case, that one Kay Burley seems to revel in drama and bad news!

    I do think in this case there are too many woman not to believe them.

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