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    Taking a few days off and sitting in pajamas with the kids, while they played with their toys was so nice. Just being at home, together as a family with plenty of movies to watch, treats to enjoy and games to play has made our Christmas very special.

    Having family & friends drop in and just enjoying their company, without being in a hurry for work, school etc has been so enjoyable.

    Hope you are all enjoying the festivities – what has been your highlight?


    Just having family time, i have dh home until next week and im loving the lazy mornings and cuddles.

    The boys are just amazing that daddy has no work and its lego and boy movies, i was kicked out of the playroom as girls werent allowed 🙄

    My highlight of the christmas was on Christmas morning when my ds came down to see what Santa left and seen that his Amarillas bulb that we planted and cared for over the past few weeks Flowered on XMAS Morning!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 He stopped in his tracks and was more intrested in his plant then going in to see what Santa had left him….. he is just such an amazing kid, it was something so small but made him sooo happy.

    He also got a box of Crystals from a lovely girl in Balbriggian called Lyndas Owlet Outlet on Facebook, he seen his beautiful collection of crystals in a little box and a shark tooth chain from her….. even an Xbox couldnt compete with the crystals, he just sat looking from crystal to crystal for ages.
    It the little things in life x


    Our highlight was family time, My sister and family came home from USA.

    Taking time out as we have everyone for dinner 12 adulys and 8 children, i just love this..
    We had mass this morning for my brother, so its a real family day..

    The build up to Christmas was actually worse than the day..

    Just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope good thing happen in 2013 for everyone…


    Def family time, lazy mornings, cuddling up watching movies & playing with the girls. Loved their faces on Christmas morning and loved Stephen’s day when the whole family were together.
    Looking forward to Easter now and spending some quality time with dh’s family we’ll have a full house but it’ll be fun


    Happy New Year everyone….

    The weekend before Christmas we travelled upcountry and met up with everyone, and then came back home in time for Christmas eve.

    My highlight has been the fact that after Mass on Christmas eve, I was able to close the front door and not open it until after St Stephens Day! Shockingly anti-social I know, but we spent the whole time in pj’s, and the kids entertained themselves with the lead up to and the arrival of the big man himself. We’ve played games, we’ve giggled, snuggled, watched TV…. eaten, and just totally immersed ourselves in spending quality family time together. And I’ve loved every minute!

    And today, will be another family pj day! Can’t be beat! 😉


    Just took the tree down and cleaned up the house – as back to work tomorrow – so its a bit sad here at the moment. Was going to wait until the weekend but will be working tomorrow & Fri and have plans at the weekend so today had to be the day. The kids are ok about it – they are already counting downthe days to next Christmas (so help us!)

    For my hubbys Christmas gift I booked us a little trip away, just the two of us. So its nice we have a dirty weekend to look forward to in February – especially now our Christmas is over. 🙁

    But looking forward to that now….

    Back to normality now – going to get to a class at LabFitness tonight and start knocking off the Turkey damage!! 😆 😆

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