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    Girls i heard about a few cards being scammed at the weekend, checked my account and nearly a thousand euro is missing! :shock: :shock: :shock:
    I dont use this account, it was just a fluke that i checked if not i wouldnt have noticed for a few weeks, my pension went in today so thank God i got a stop on the cards
    I used the ATM machine down at staffords, if anyone else used this machine over the past week check your account…. off to the bank now to try get my money back! :roll: :roll: :roll:
    Bastards the hassel they cause…. fingers crossed im not the only one!


    christ taylor last thing anyone needs – hope you get sorted at the bank


    Oh my god.. feckers.

    A thousand euro Taylor wow 😯 business must be booming 😆 😆

    Sorry 😀

    At least you can get it back


    oh no …. 👿 👿 👿 👿

    Financial Companion

    Hope you get sorted quick enough Taylor, the banks are well used to this kind of thing and all have fraud departments. When you use an ATM do you cover the hand keying in the pin? It might seem like overkill but it really can make a difference if they do use a skimming machine and camera together, with no pin they often go on to the next one! It’s always good to check you online banking regularly as well for the same reason, the quicker it’s noticed, the better chance to get it resolved quick enough. A good idea to make sure your credit and laser card companies have your mobile on the system, many of them will contact you if there is an unusual pattern of useage on a card. I got a call one day to ask if I was trying to make a purchase in a shop in another country, as soon as I told them I was still in Ireland they declined straight away. If they had not had my number it may well have gone ahead! Most bank websites have plenty of anti-fraud info, worth a read!


    God thats terrible – hope you got it sorted Taylor -is it defo the atm at Staffords ?


    yes i do cover the key pad with my hand so cant understand how the pin was picked up!!

    Not long in from the 2 banks over 40 people so far from the AIB have reported a fraud at this machine!! I had to go through my account and mark what wasnt mine, a good few small transactions in the USA…… bank couldnt call me as they didnt have my number 😯
    It will take about 4 weeks for a refund, its my account that i dont really use so not too bothered, just thanking God they didnt get to the tsb account
    HMM will have to get back down to the quays to make a few dollars…. do you ask for a higher price in this weather? 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Went to tsb, no reports there yet but its an AIB machine so only looks like AIB cards for now… but they cancelled my cards and new ones issued in about 5 workingdays! Its going to be very strange to be using cash for hte next week and no cards 😯 😯 😯 😯


    the stuff people will do for money!!! i seen some new AIB cash machines around and they missed a trick by leaving the keypad exposed 🙄
    which by the way how can they afford new machines when they have to be baild out???? ❓


    I got a call from my bank to say my card had been skimmed at the ATM in Bryanstown. No money taken from the account but they needed to change my card. It teller in the bank said this was an ongoing problem that was only getting worse and if you are near a bank you are better going in there to do your transactions. This is the third card I have had skimmed in the past 8 months, all at AIB machines in and around the Drogheda.

    Financial Companion

    Were they all AIB cards Snowdrop?

    Not sure if it’s related Taylor but yesterday morning just after 10am, my wife and walking companion were on the way home and her friend stopped to use the atm at Staffords, but two guys who were at it (one about 17 and the other in 20’s) were so long at the machine she thoughtit was strange so didn’t wait and went to the Mace one in Wheaton Hall. Suppose they could have been "installing" or "removing" equipment!! And yes, you can obviously charge more in cold weather and twice as much for bank managers! lol 😉

    I’ve never had an atm issue but did have attempted transactions on an account I hadn’t used in years, the bank rang me straight away because after no useage for so long (hadn’t used it since USA about 3 years ago) there were suddenly 5 or 6 o2 top ups and a flight booked on aer arran!! They refunded immediately back into the account and replaced cards. I presume they could chase up the flight booking and o2 details but once they refunded me I didn’t get to find out any more. Deffo worth making sure the banks have a mobile number for ya! 😉



    Thats terrible, glad its being sorted for you now.

    What wrecks my head is when you do go into bank to make a withdrawal the girls at counter always say you could have done that atatm 👿

    Surely if I chose to stand in a queue in the bank then thats my decision and its their job to serve the customer. Always feel like that they just dont want you in the bank.


    All EBS laser cards which can only be used at the AIB machines. But as I read your post, the day I used the bank machine two guys(eastern europeans blonde around late teens) where at the machine infrontof me and where at the machine keying in numbers for about 15minutes, I actually asked them could they be a little quicker because I had to catch a train. I just thought I they were buying call creadit from the atm, maybe not.

    Financial Companion

    That sounds like the same description Snowdrop! All the banks have been trying to get customers to do all banking online or at atm’s, they only want you queueing if you are "buying" something (new account, credit card, mortgage, personal loan etc.). As we get into the busy Christmas period, even more important to keep an eye on your accounts online. 😉


    Financial companion did your wife say if they looked Irish or not? ( Dont want to offend but need to ask) The two chaps i seen were about that age too but they were either Romas or of An Indian background, didnt notice as it was lashing rain! Two very small and slight fellas…. i rang the garda and the girl didnt really want to know, she did say i would have to call in, had a sleeping child in the car after the bank and weather was crap so im came home, will pop down later.
    When was that your wife seen them? Did she ring the garda and report it… they might be hitting that machine as an easy target

    Snowdrop your very lucky!!! We changed the tsb cards too but no money missing from that account….. finding it strange to have no cards, i dont use cash!!
    I dont need that money as its my spending account for the kids etc (dont really use it) and im fine that i have to wait 4 weeks, if they got my dh’s account now we would have been fecked! What if you were on you uppers and that stolen money was all the money you had, are you just left high and dry by the banks?

    Financial Companion

    She just said they were non nationals Taylor, it was approx 10-10.15am yesterday morning. They didn’t ring the guards coz at that time they didn’t know anything was wrong, just thought they were taking way too long and didn’t want to wait. It was only when I mentioned your incident that she said about yesterday at the atm! Maybe you can win €15million on euromillions tongight and just pay someone to queue in the banks forya 😉 lol (and if you do, give me a shout and I’ll show you how to look after your family and friends without them incurring capital acquisition tax!! 😉 )

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