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    Hi girls,

    Looking for recommendations again.

    My MIL is coming over from England for the month of August. She has a lot of problems with her back/mobility and has been having therapy at the local hospital in a swimming pool (hydrotherapy I guess?!). I was thinking it might be nice to take her to a swimming pool while she’s over so she can practice her exercises, but also have some relaxation which helps ease her discomfort.

    Sooo I am looking for a nice, warm (v important!) pool, which preferably is fairly easy access (not the rickety ladders stuck to the side of the pool iykwim!). We’re in north Drogheda so somewhere local to that. We’d normally go to Aura with the kids, but I think the adult pool is quite cold there, and the small/kids bit isn’t much better really. I was wondering if a local hotel might have one that might be appropriate and accessible by the public?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Louise. :)


    Drumcar pool, (out Dunleer way) is undoubtedly a warmer pool than the average. Its mainly for the residents of ST JOhn of Gods, but they have swimming lessons for the public. Its worth giving them a ring, explain your situation, to find out if you could use it. Its a bit of a distance from North Drogheda, but definitely warmer. Their number is 041 6851211


    Energie fitness has a lovely pool, it’s members but you might be able to get a day pass here and there.

    I met a lady in there last week who’d bought a 5 time pass on a deals web site …


    Thanks ladies, I will check out the suggestions. 🙂


    Does anyone know what the one at the Boyne Valley Hotel is like, and if it’s open for public use? Many thanks.


    My Dad is a member of the Boyne Valley pool and he says its a great one and quite warm. Only members can use it but if you know anyone who is a member, you could go with them as their guest?

    Or you could call them up and explain your mum is visiting you and see if they would do something for her and let her use it a few times. they seem very nice in there.



    Well unfortunately I still haven’t found anywhere. I am going to ring Drumcar this afternoon because that could be a winner if they will have us. I have tried the Boyne Valley, Energie, even the Ballymac, but all have said a minimum of 6 months membership has to be purchased (3 months for Ballymac at €86 per month for the two of us!). I can’t actually believe in these recessionary times how basically unhelpful these places have been. Clearly so many people have the money to buy the memberships that they don’t need to offer anything else, even under special circumstances. We only want to go for a quiet swim twice a week during the month of August, it’s not like I’ve asked to bring my rowdy boys or anything!!

    If they let her use the pool in Drumcar that will be brilliant. Otherwise she’ll have to just suffer until she goes home. Such a shame.

    Thanks for the help and suggestions as always ladies. 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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