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    AIMS Ireland (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services) started an initiative last autumn to collect and publish Positive Irish Birth Stories for our website, brochures and message board! Our hope being that these stories would give reassurance to mums and mums2b and that women would have their own collection of wonderful stories to have as a reference; rather than American or UK stories as seen in most pregnancy books.

    We have had a great response to this appeal for positive Irish Birth Stories and have received some really empowering and reassuring stories, thank you!

    The feedback has been really positive from all who have read the stories! Both from Mums, Mums2b, and Midwives!!

    This is an ongoing initiative – please keep the stories coming!! All stories very welcome!

    Please send them to: info@aimsireland.com

    To view the stories please click here:
    http://aimsireland.com/phpbb/viewforum. … f8ced390ab
    Thank you!

    We would love stories about OLOL as we only have a few so far – so please send them in!

    Kind Regards,

    Jene Kelly
    AIMS Ireland

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