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    i am currently doing my level 6 and need to do a quick survey questionaire with regards to the ECCE scheme and see what people’s opinions are with the ECCE scheme there are only a few questions and i will be using a research only, no personal information is required ie names addresses etc it’s simply just opinions and answers required to see what people think of the scheme and if they have availed or would avail of the scheme…

    the results will be used in my assignment purely to relfect the minority opnion on the scheme

    i am looking for parents of children who possibly are using the scheme or will be availing of the schemeor not availing….

    also if there are any facilities like creches playschool, montessori that have opted in or out of the scheme what they think the benfits or if they have come against negatives with the scheme…

    this can be done by e-mail or by phone so please pm me if interested…

    again there will be no personal information required at all (bar your e-mail address to send or phone to contact but these will not be submitted or held on file)
    thanking you in advance


    pm sent .


    pm’d you there


    pm’d ya!


    thanks to those who’ve pm’d i’ll be in touch soon i’m just getting the questions done up…(in a middle of another assignment0 but if anyone else would like to answer a few questions please pm…only a few and would grately appreciate..

    thanks again… 🙂


    will help too, email me the survey and will fill in for you. good luck with it. x


    hey there

    we would be very happy to help you out also…we are ecce and cets approved…

    just give us a buzz 0419836799 and ask for denise or amrie


    thanks so much, i will do up some questions for you for an actual montessori/creche and your opinions on taking part in the ecce scheme thanks so much i will be in touch…

    again thank you for all who have mailed i will get to you….


    No bother for me either, just drop me an email! x



    You just reminded me we never had that chat!

    My number is 087 7796009 if I can be of any help at all..

    Niamh x 😀 😀


    haven’t forgotten twacky will give ya a shout xx ta

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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