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    Jamie at Home is an inspirational lifestyle brand taking Jamie Oliver beyond food and the kitchen and into the home.
    The Jamieat Home Catalogue offers a collection of beautifully crafted, well-thought-out home essentials, created by Jamie Oliver in collaboration with artisans and designers around the world.
    You’ll find practical, stylish kitchen kit, beautiful crockery, serveware and linen, home and personal fragrances, quirky stuff to get kids going in the kitchen and garden, and stylish basics for an organised bathroom.
    Designed for maximum use, these are thoughtfully-made things to keep, re-use and pass on. With such a diverse variety of useful and lovely things, you can find unique pieces to really express your own personal style.
    From humble potters to famous furniture makers and fragrance designers, Jamie has found some truly amazing people to be involved in the Jme and Scent & Savour ranges.
    Together they bounce around ideas then the designers and makers craft and refine to come up with the lovely things you’ll see in the Jamie at Home Catalogue
    So if you are interested in Hosting a party and getting some wonderful free gifts, email me at africbolger@eircom.net or phone me on 086 8561 551

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