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    Need a new career that won’t cost you the Earth and take a lifetime?

    How about using your native language as currency? Teaching English as a foreign language can be a very rewarding experience…and give’s you the chance to experience new cultures and countries while working in the process…

    Get your ACELS approved TEFL Qualification from Edgewater College in Drogheda.

    The Certificate for English Language Teachers (CELT) – more commonly known as the TEFL course at Edgewater College is now open to all applicants, regardless of their qualifications. The certificate, accredited by the Advisory Council for English Language Schools (ACELS) has traditionally only been available to those holding a level 7 qualification (usually an ordinary bachelors degree). We are delighted to welcome people from varied backgrounds on this course and give them the opportunity to become excellent EFL teachers.

    EFL is a huge industry throughout the world and the CELT, being recognised internationally, is a perfect way to combine work and travel – and now that opportunity is available to everybody.
    This is a full time course, running Monday to Friday from 09.00-17.30 over 4 weeks, it includes teaching practise.

    Next Course starts on Monday 18th July.

    For more information on this course visit http://www.edgewater.ie or call Edgewater College on 0419846500.

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