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    just for thoughts what age was your child when they started to walk?

    my ds1 was 14 months old, ds2 is 14.5 months has taken a few steps sturdy with you holding hand but let him go he stands then goes straight onto knees..

    so wondering how others kids were did they differ like walk earlier or later than their other kids….

    i’m dying for him to walk, but then i bet i’ll be wishing he’d not be so can grab him when needed


    ds1 18 months and ds2 16 months…. my boys are very big and solid (very very heavy) so thats why i think they walked later then other kids


    pmsl my ds was one of the laziest babies you would have ever met!!! never crawled just dragged himself along on his elbows. He started walking on the 17th September 2002 🙂 Which made him 16 months and 2 days. Ds wasnt solid or sturdy just plain old fashioned lazy 🙂

    Now I can barely get him to sit still..ah how things change 🙂


    Our first was walking very early, around 10 months or so. The second was a bit later – she was in no hurry and is very much the same now – she was about 15 months and the third one was about 13 months.

    All very different but all mad as hatters! 😆 😆


    both of mine walked a week before there 1st birthday. Ds is just 12 months and is flying around


    both of mine walked a week before there 1st birthday. Ds is just 12 months and is flying around

    God my ds1 started to crawl the week of his first birthday 😆 😆 😆


    dd1 was 14months – was worried about her because shewouldn’t take weight on her legs, if you tried to stand her she’d just bend her knees but can’t stop her now
    dd2 was walking with a vtech walker and our hands from 9months BUT didn’t actually walk unaided until she was 13months and off course already can’t stop her
    i have a newphew who was 9months, i was 9months but my niece was 16months – once they start they never stop 😆 😆 so all in their own sweet time.


    DS1 took his first steps at 9.5 months and walked at 10 months. DS2 walked at 13months.


    Ds was walking unaided the week before he turned 1 year- he has never crawled, and rarely bum-shuffles so it was his only option!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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