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    Competition time again!!

    We have 2 family passes (4 tickets each) for ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ Thursday 20th September, 7pm at the O2 Dublin. (You must be available to go Thursday at 7pm)

    To enter, simply tell us ‘How many people have seen the show?’

    The answer can be found on: http://www.dinosaurlive.com

    Please email answers to siobhan@mumstown.ie

    Best of luck everyone!


    Big Congratulations to…..

    Deanne Byrne and Emma McQuillan who each won 4 tickets to the show tomorrow night at the O2 inDublin.

    Well done and we hope you all enjoy the show!!

    There are special offers available for families so for more info see:

    http://www.ticketmaster.ie/Walking-with … st/1117759


    Well done girls, i would love some feed back about the show, let us know how you get on. Thanks


    Ladies it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    Any one with kids who like Dinasaurs it is a MUST SEE!!!!!!!

    Its like being in jurassic park..have never seen anything so amazing…

    3 shows on Saturday.

    Call and say hi if you make it !


    I’ll be there Saturday morning HMM – bringing my 7 & 9 year olds to it and my mam – it was her idea to go in the first place! Our 7 year old loves dinosaurs, ever since she was little, so it will be very exciting for her especially. Really looking forward to it now!


    Sabbi are you getting the train up or driving?


    I was one of the lucky winners of the tickets. We went last night and we all loved it. It’s so well done – very realistic. The kids want to go again!! I thought it might have been a bit scary but it wasn’t, a lot of funny moments and very educational. I learned loads.
    We had originally planned to take the train but missed it so I drove. I hate driving in town but it was so handy. Took the port tunnel 3 euro each way and parked in the Point village car park 10 euro. It’s across the road from the O2.
    As usual when u go to anything like this the merchandising is a rip off but we didn’t pay for the tickets so it was nice to treat the kids. The show goes really quick. Starts 7pm interval at 7.45 and finished at 8.45.
    All in all a very enjoyable family night out
    Thanks again.


    See you there Sabbi..not sure where I’ll be but as the bars won’t be open for the morning show i’ll be in a kiosk somewhere!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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