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    Just wondering if anyone can advise me? Have my weeman’s name down for the Ed Together school and recently found out he is number 120 odd on the waiting list..they will only be taking something like 64 children that year (2010)!!! Has anyone else experienced this in the past and know if he has any chance of getting in????? Am worried as really want him to attend there. Isn’t it terrible that we as parents cannot actually chose where our children are educated! Its either who you know or where you end up getting a place….


    it’s a tough school to get in…..have heard of people not getting kids in that were just outside the number, to be honest i would start looking at other options as a back up……


    My children are in Le Cheile. No. 120 is very high. The majority of places offered will be accepted by the parents.
    I agree with Scole, and recommend that you have other options. I think you might need to accept that it is very unlikely that you will get a place. Sorry to tell you this but I have seen it happen lots of times. There are a number of families in Le Cheile that have had to send siblings to other schools.


    my ds was no. 86 (i was sure he would not get in) for this years class and he got in on the second round of offers so you could still have a chance
    lots of people have there names down in a few schools so you may find that many who are below you in the list decline the offer
    good luck


    i wouldnt get disheartened babs.contrary to popular belief people do actually turn down offers of a place in le cheile!my ds was well down the list.cant exactly remember what number,hundred and odd.but they had written to us to c did we want to keep him on list.to tick and sent back.i didnt do this as we had decided to send him to our local school in the village.i still got a phonecall a few wks ago offering him a place! which i turned down as i felt it wouldnt b fair to even consider it as someone else out there would b there first choice.i think everyone puts there kids name down to keep their options open.if you really want it as your 1st choice itd b no harm as my friend did to phone them up closer to the time of offers .good luck, but even if your child doesnt get inthere are other excellent schools ,as long as they are somewhere where they are in a happy environment thats halfthe battle.


    Thanks for the replies..I agree that I have to keep my options open…To be honest, I just want him to be happy but feel that Le Ceile would suit him best…in saying that I am sure there are other schools that are good…am not from here so only know what people have told me!!! I also have his name downin Congress Avenue but don’t know anyone who has a child there…..Anyway, we’ll wait an see!!! Thanks…


    May I ask which other schools you have in mind?

    And you can ask around what people think of the schools their children goes to.
    And as well as asking what do you think of X ask what’s the best thing and what’s the worse.
    So you’ll get different opinions.
    Wish you good luck, and you never know your son might get into Le Cheile even if he’s number 120 on waiting list.

    Let us knowin september, where he’ll go



    does anyone know what date you have to be 4 by i.e the cut off date for Le Cheile, Fatima & Donacarney N.S?


    hi wonderwoman im not sure of the cut off date .but my dd started donacarney last year & i know there is a girl in the class that was 4 in the aug .my own dd was 5 in the sept & had to wait till she was 5 .so im thing it before sept .


    As far as I know the child must be 4yrs by the 1st Sept to start in national school…and legally children don’t have to attend national school until they are 6yrs…however my friend who is a teacher said that some schools may take children who turn 4 by 8th sept but this is more of an exception than the norm…


    I know some school the child has to be 4 in the April of their first school year, not sure who told me this…. I was only out in the ET school and I was told the list last year was over 100 and everyone was offered a space, good luck

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