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    Just to let eveyone know, headed to W5 on Saturday, its an interactive activity centre for kids and have to say it was briliant. My ds’s are nearly 5 and they loved it. It is set over 3/4 floors with something for every age group. It was £19.00 for a family 2Adults & 2 Kids and you had access all day. You could leave and come back again whihc was great. Few restaurants, Pizza Hut bit dissappointing.
    Would definitely recommend it and headingback soon.


    what is it?


    ❓ ❓ ❓


    OMG it’s the most brillant place for kids!
    It’s in Belfast, but with the new motorway much easier to get to.
    Here’s the the link.


    I agree, it is great to get their minds working through play…


    sorry scole forgot to post again, its an interactive centre, on one level for the 5/6 year olds there is a Mini Cooper that they can climb in, they have a kids tesco, a kids restaurant all so they can play pretent. The have musical instrument and a house they can climb on and build. An loads of others. on another level there are great things with weights and magnets. You can build cars, trains etc. There is a musical staircase. The best fun my lads had was they were coloured circles on the floor which when u stand on make noice. The first 2 were farting noises. Needless to say 2 5 year old had great fun

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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