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    We had a visit from PHN this week and she told us that all new babies in Ireland are to be given a vitamin D supplement. This is a new HSE guideline and we are supposed to buy a bottle of this supplement and give our new baby a drop on her tongue every day for a year.

    I had not heard this before so asked her would it be ok if we just did what we did with our other children and exposed our baby girl to fresh air regularly so she gets her Vitamin D the old fashioned way but she was none too impressed with that suggestion!!

    She explained this is now a standard recommendation for all babies in Ireland and said its because there are lots of the babies & children coming to Ireland from other countries and they are not used to our climate and are not getting enough sun and its causing them to have weak bones, so they made this standard for all babies here.

    I said that my 3 older children play outside all year round, in all weathers and have not suffered from weak bones – so they must be getting their vitamin D intake – but she said we should still give this supplement to our new baby.

    Has anyone given this? I spoke with a friend and she said it made her baby sick whenever he had it and to be honest, am not too keen on the idea.

    Looking for feedback from parents who have given it or decided not to give it….thanks.


    It’s standard in France, but it’s not a drop every day it’s more like a dose every 3 months, so it’s a way worse as you get a high enough dose once instead of a little every day.

    So for A I had a dose or 2, was fine with it.
    Then for E he might have one but not even sure, actually I think he did not.

    Then few years ago, my mum was watching french tv, then gave me a phone call straight away. Your kids need more sun, send them in France for few weeks it’s for their health ! To be honest she just wanted to mind them and have them over, so she used the " medical" excuse.
    Now they go there every summer. Their bones are fine, not sure the french sun is any different than the irish outdoor (not always sunny 😆 ) but they always come back with a lovely tan 😆 😆 and now they expect to go there every summer.

    So vit D I’ll take it or leave it, espescially now as S is born in the summer so gets lots of sun, keep in mind that some rain or wind covers for buggy might block the sun. Don’t know if it could or not change anything.

    As well in general people are living more inside than outside compare to years ago. So they do statistics about the number of hours outside in the whole country including very windy and wet areas were less opportunity to go out, then they decide that ALL children need vit D.
    It’s called risk management, and they have in the offices to decide for all children even if we all know we all have differnent lifestyles, and some babies might from early age be inside in creches with very little outdoor time.

    I’d like to read other points of view.



    I have worked in childcare for 14 years and have yet to come across a child with rickets. I think this is a bit OTT. Have you looked at the types of vitamin D drops some have to be taken 3 times a day??? Have heard its more important for Breastfed babies to take these drops as formula has it in it but like you I am a bit skeptical about the whole thing. Am on 2 minds whether I will follow this advice too.


    I never gave it to DD2 either sabbi, I was thinking exactly like yourself.


    Never heard of it… so never gave it to my 2. Both good strong boys!


    I recently had a booking in appointment at OLOL and the midwife made a big point of going over the new Vitamin D for newborns guidelines. She said it was the only issue that was new since my last baby so she skipped a lot of the other stuff. I had to laugh and commented that with 3 babies in less than 4 years the guidelines changed each time.
    My PHN told me to get the drops when my son was born 18 months ago as they were seeing an increased number of cases of rickets in Ireland but it was not an "official" guideline at the time. I got them but hardly ever remembered to give them to him. I’m not stressing too much about it. My children are out and about constantly and get plently of sunlight, as the other girls have said too.


    this is why I asked the question on here – lots of mums with common sense!! thanks everyone, think will leave it for now, had her out walking 3 times this week already so reckon shes getting plenty of it already!! 😀


    Like Louthmum, three babies in four years & the rules keep changing. From making up formula, to when you can give a baby eggs….. It is a maze!!!!

    I bought the Vit D drops – & then promptly forgot to give them to the baby 🙄 . Typical! New baby brain…..

    I don’t think any well-nourished, well cared for child will suffer without the drops, but the HSE have to bear in mind all mums in all circumstances……

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