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    Thanks kjmam, she went to the Guinness storehouse on last visit, so I’ll have to come up with something else :wink:

    Any other suggestions?


    We have a friend popping over for a visit from Friday morning to Sunday night. She’s been here before but apart from a spin out to Clogherhead, hasn’t really seen anywhere(it’s always been lashing rain!! 🙄 )

    Any suggestions for interesting places to see/visit in the general Drogheda area or nearby??

    All suggestions very welcome! 😉


    Ardgillen in Balbriggan is lovely for a walk about, beautiful gardens, gorgeous scenery and free in.

    Relish for lunch is fab, you’ll have to nip in there!

    The Art Gallery in Drogheda is nice for a wander around.



    If the 5 day weather forecast is to be believed, might have to consider indoor options! Thanks for those Sabbi.

    Any other suggestions? Most creative wins a prize 😆


    guinness storehouse is good for rainy day.


    i know not Drogheda but Dublina is very good

    There’s Newgrange providing it’s not lashing out


    Bring them up the Phonix park and into the Aras….. that was Aras i typed!! 😆 😆 😆 Free Guided tours every Saturday morning at 10am, its first come basis and cant be pre booked.

    Melifont Abbey. Monsterboice tower, Townely Hall woods, Oldbridge house and thereis a beautiful canal walk just outside the grounds, you can park at the house and walk the loup iykwim

    Milmount is well worth a visit…. there is a new bus trip around drogheda, i think its Wednesday evenings, only a few euro, i cant wait to do it.

    Nowth, Dowth and Newgrange…

    Seapoint/Baltray Beach is stunning, my favourite beach around, there is an old trawler grounded on the beach! Great spots for photos


    Was it deffo your head and not your Aras that got bumped in Croker Taylor? 😆 😆 😆

    Among other things, ended up going into Newgrange. Was berrated for living so close to such an amazing piece of history and culture and having never been there before! 😳 😳

    Ironically, walking along Bettystown beach yesterday and looking at the sandcastle competition, two ladies had built a replica of newgrange complete with entrance and grass on top! Brilliant!

    Sometimes it’s only through someone else’s eyes you realise all we have around us!


    Been to newgrange 7 or 8 times.
    Just love it.
    Brought all of our visitors over the years. Next time I’ll bring the kids.
    Even remember when it was before the M1, living in Dublin at the time, and it was a full day trip even stopped to eat in Julianstown on the way.
    Now don’t really pisture my husband needing a stop for a break in Julianstown on his way to commute to work in Dublin (not too far from where we were living then).

    But now we haven’t been visiting places for a while. Guess now we’re stettle here and suffuring from " the Eiffel tower symdrome". it’s there, we’re there it’s not going anywhere so we always look for places away to visit instead of enjoying the culture and great sites that we have on our doorsteps.



    You have never been to Newgrange!! OMG im in shock, i got at least once a year, saying that i havent been since last year when ds2 screamed when the lights went out and i was asked to leave 😳 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I love Melifont Abbey, its a fab spot for kids, you can climb the wall into the field at then end of the site. There is a great little spot for kids to fish with fishing nets….. and LOADS of Blackberry bushes

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