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    Hi there,

    I want to arrange a Christmas day out for kids & their cousins to go visit Santa (ages from 2 to 7).

    Please can someone recommend a really good one?

    Thanks in advance.


    I took my girls to see Santa at Causey farm in 2009 & 2010 – loved it – it is expensive but it is a worth it. I didn’t do it last yr because i don’t want mine thinking that’s were we see santa all the time iykwim
    Last yr i went to Newbridge house and farm – have to say it too was lovely and the girls loved it


    Love Causey Farm… 🙂


    Rathwood is very good too , i would recommend it..

    Causey farm is very good too


    How about the Tayto Park- I’m thinking of bringing ours to it this year- ours love going there, and we join for the year so it works out reasonably ok.


    Thanks for replies.

    Think it will be causey farm.

    Saw some bad reports about Tayto park santa on facebook, main fault was the price, but probably be ok if you have a yeraly pass.


    Must look up Rathwood…

    We went to Tayto Park last year and it was great, we chose and evening time to see the lights, so you can’t go round the park, but we had the annual pass then, so we had to pay a reduced rate instead. It is on the pricier side, but the Santa was fantastic! The presents were ok too..


    We went to see Santa at Newbridge House and Farm yesterday near Donabate and I have to say that it was lovely day. The elves show you around the house a little bit and show the kids the room where Santa reads the letters, and where Santa eats his dinner etc.
    They also took the childrens’ names and what they want from Santa from me on the quiet, before we were brought into the waiting room, and Santa was very good and "knew" their names as they came in. My 4 year old was gobsmacked at this.
    Santa himself was lovely and let us take loads of photos and had time for each of the children. Our friends came with us and we all went in to see him as a group, which was a laugh.
    Reasonable prices too – €12 for children, €5 for toddlers, babies free – that included the short tour, santa visit, jellies, present (not great but the kids didn’t care), and admission into the farm afterwards. One adult free per child admission so we got the whole trip there for €17.
    There is also a lovely crib with some real animals in it, and the farm was good fun for the children, as usual.


    Causey is fabulous, our children absolutely loved it, even our son who was 8 loved it. When Santa came down the cimney our kids were soooo excited, it was really sweet. Not cheap but a really memorable experience so worth it.

    We have passes for Tayto park, is there much additional cost on top of those for a Santa visit??


    Rang Tayto Park, they said you cannot use Tesco vouchers for part payment for going to see Santa – even though when you go to see Santa your payment includes a trip of the park which is what the tesco voucher covers. They are booked out every weekend until Christmas, they only have availability midweek after 17th Dec for santa visits.

    busy it seems – even though it is very expensive.

    Now need to find somewhere else to go…might try Newbridge, that sounds nice and our kids love it there


    We went to the Zoo today, it is expensive but a great day… Zoo Admision plus 10e for santa, the santa was great, gifts okay, Stationary and teddy bears plus Riverock were giving out free animal puppets.
    The animals at the zoo were in flying form today, some of the things we got to see were amazing!! One of the girls with us had a white furry bear hat on and the Lioness took a shine to it, she was following the girl along the glass and pawing the glass to get the hat, we took the hat off and were were holding it up high she was jumping up to try and get it, the second lioness joined in and at this stage the we thought they would come through the glass…. a cold wet day at the Zoo but one of the Best days ever!!
    Check out the clip on my facebook page


    Great feedback about Santa in Laurence Town Centre – and he is only a fiver to go into his grotto and kids get gifts too! 😀


    Its completely Free in Scotch Hall 😀 😀

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