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    Just a quick one. My cousin is looking for a wedding dress with a high neck, back & long sleeves, as very scarred for medical reasons. Can anyone suggest anywhere – ideally around the north Dublin area – that might have a selection of this style? Many thanks


    Seen a stunning lace dress with high neck and long sleves in the vintage shop in Drogheda, its in the market behind the old sound shop building


    This is the sister of the wedding jewelry designer I had. They get original vintage dresses from the USA..mostly NY.

    Also found these:

    Also a vintage wedding Fair in Northern Ireland:


    Many thanks. Have just sent her all those details. She has been ill for nearly 5 years & has only recently been diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease (hope spelling ok). Hoping she will have happier times ahead of her


    A friend of mines child got this when on holiday in portugal…… it was a quick thinking doctor who put 2 and 2 together and checked for lymes, they linked it to a tick bite the child got on holidays

    hope she can get the treatment she needs


    Hiya – she could try heading along to some wedding fairs? there are loads on next month, they may be able to advise her.


    Hi All.

    Just to let you know about some upcoming events

    The Alternative Bridal Fair, 2nd Floor, Guinness Storehouse. 27th Feb.

    The Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair, Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, April 17th

    I run Hayworth Vintage and we will be showing our Spring Summer range at these events! We do vintage bridal and lots of 50’s dresses too. Jewelery and accessories.

    Please pass the word around about the fairs!


    Being very elegant and feminine, vintage wedding dresses are becoming popular nowadays. While the royal wedding experience might not fall within every one’s budget anymore, the vintage wedding dresses can still bring back the magic of a heritage ornate wedding. The first thing to consider with any kind of vintage wedding dresses will be the fit. There may be a way to have it altered, but some won’t be the same if they are. You wish to find something as close to your size as possible.


    The best way to save money in wedding is to buy used decoration items. We also sold decoration items which was used in our sister’s wedding. They were good in condition. I have seen used wedding decor for sale was blinking in one shopping website. Will buy from there.


    Hey can anyone suggest which wedding venues nyc is the best to celebrate your day in unique way? I have done with all shopping just left with selecting of venue. Help me with your suggestions.

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