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    Viktor&Rolf is the avant-garde luxury fashion house founded in 1993 by Dutch fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, recognized and respected for its provocative Haute Couture and conceptual glamour.

    As fashion artists, Viktor&Rolf are constantly evolving and expanding the boundaries of their creations. With Haute Couture as their ultimate laboratory for expression, their seasonal shows present the explorations of their artistic prowess, each collection building on their 25-year archive of cerebral, yet wearable art.

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    Viktor&Rolf approach olfactory development in the same way as their fashion: with meticulous technical refinement, continuously evolving their scents and bringing them to new, unparalleled heights, making the impossible possible. Launched in 2005, FLOWERBOMB is the iconic, transformative fragrance that, with its profusion of flowers, has the power to make everything seem more positive. With FLOWERBOMB, Viktor&Rolf aspired to create an innovative olfactory experience; a modern-day flower power exuding an air of opulence, with rich yet meticulously layered notes, leaving a remarkable trail.

    Now, Viktor&Rolf continue to explore the narrative with FLOWERBOMB RUBY ORCHID.


    Inspired by the theatrical tradition of the burlesque, Viktor&Rolf introduce a new addition to the FLOWERBOMB fragrance family. Following DEW, NECTAR and MIDNIGHT, RUBY ORCHID is the most carnal iteration of the scent so far.

    It’s a boldly extravagant fragrance. A scent is inspired by a burlesque atmosphere, a perfume to tease and to seduce. Confident, yet glamorous — and just slightly provocative — she owns the show.

    Just imagine: a woman appears in the spotlight. At ease with her body, glamorous in a Couture dress. Remember that life is a cabaret where you can invent and reinvent yourself.

    Now is the time to strike a pose IT’S SHOW TIME! UNLEASH YOUR FEMME FATALE.


    Introducing a more captivating and carnal facet of FLOWERBOMB.

    Created in chorus by Viktor&Rolf and three esteemed perfumers, FLOWERBOMB RUBY ORCHID pairs an Orchid and a vanilla accords — a voluptuous, rich Ruby Orchid Flower accord and an intensely sensual and surprisingly opulent Red Foxy Vanilla Bean accord.

    The Ruby Flower Orchid accord — the femme fatale of orchids, with its intensely dark red flowers — is known for its ambery almost narcotic, creamy scent, leading away from FLOWERBOMB’s original luminous and fresh character to something more suave and carnal. The Red Foxy Vanilla Bean accord brings additional intensity — it’s the scent’s true weapon of seduction. This is the first time both orchid and vanilla accords have been used in a single Viktor&Rolf perfume.

    Vine Peach accord and several other red fruit notes contribute to the lingering sense of pleasure, and accentuate the fragrance’s crimson memo.

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    An acclaimed cast of iconic Perfumers from International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (IFF) brought FLOWERBOMB RUBY ORCHID to life with their unique blend of artistry and talent, whilst paying tribute to Viktor&Rolf’s iconic fragrance footprint.

    Carlos Benaïm, Domitille Michalon-Bertier and Dominique Ropion, the Perfumers behind the original FLOWERBOMB, have once again seamlessly partnered – each bringing their robust individual style and olfactory expertise.

    Master Perfumer Carlos Benaïm brings a wealth of global knowledge — and more than 15 years of experience with the Viktor&Rolf family of fragrances. He sees himself as a composer of scents, seamlessly blending natural ingredients with innovative technologies. Benaïm’s scents are both elegant and contemporary – according to him, the art of perfume is in the snapshot – “the lingering impression left in the air after its wearer has left the room,” in his own words.

    Senior Perfumer Domitille Michalon-Bertier presents a distinctly feminine sensibility to her portfolio, bringing her training as a chemist to the process. Extremely fond of daring and unusual fragrance associations, Michalon-Bertier has a vivid, salient style that is both powerful and contrasting. “No matter what, a fragrance has to seduce men and women of all ages,” is her credo.

    A French Master Perfumer of a myriad of iconic scents, Dominique Ropion is renowned for both his technical skill and profound knowledge of French fragrance. He uses perfume as an olfactive form, not unlike a sculptor or an architect. “Going to the core of a scientific study of the make up of a natural raw material and then suddenly being seduced by its beauty all over again is a great satisfaction for me,” he says.


    Seductive, extravagant and confident: a weapon of seduction.

    FLOWERBOMB RUBY ORCHID’s sleek, sensual grenade silhouette boldly represents the woman and the scent. Its iconic facetted bottle is given a transparent ruby pink lacquer, elegantly encapsulating the scent within. Adorned with the signature Flowerbomb metallic cap, silver pink metallic nameplate and iconic Viktor&Rolf black seal, FLOWERBOMB RUBY ORCHID comes in an extravaganted outer pink box embossed with red orchids and the signature Viktor&Rolf seal, now also embossed — making this FLOWERBOMB’s very first plastic-free outer box. Another step closer to achieving Viktor&Rolf’s dream of a better planet.


    The print and digital campaign for FLOWERBOMB RUBY ORCHID — shot for the first time by Viktor&Rolf’s own Rolf Snoeren — features Dutch model Marjan Jonkman in a haute couture dress designed by Viktor&Rolf. Jonkman is pictured against a ruby red background, including an emblematic theatrical staircase.

    “FLOWERBOMB is an explosion of flowers,” explain Viktor&Rolf. “With RUBY ORCHID, we really wanted to put orchids center stage. This is really a new chapter in the FLOWERBOMB story. RUBY ORCHID is a very feminine, erotic version of FLOWERBOMB. For us, this is a transformative story about orchids becoming a dress becoming a perfume.”

    It took a team of six people four weeks to complete the dress.

    Viktor & Rolf Ruby Orchid launches in Ireland in February 2022, and will be available instore an online from Irish retail partners Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Boots & select independent pharmacies nationwide.

    Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid EDP RRP:
    30ml RRP €67.00
    50ml RRP €92.50
    100ml RRP €132.00

    Would make a fab Valentine’s Gift! Or for Mothers Day/
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