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    Hi there,

    Last night after a session at the gym i had a trial on a vibroplate,just wondering if youve tried it & what you think?

    For those of you who, like me, never herad of it, its an excercise machine that you stand on & it vibrates really fast – your skin looks like it does when you use one of those new hand driers in the toilets – sort of flapping -Not pretty :lol: :lol:

    Its meant to tone your wobbly bits, so i was hoping it might help my belly & love handles? It claims to do other stuff too, like improve circulation but im only interested in getting toned.

    I felt a little car sick on it but id say this would pass when you get use to it?

    I also was a bit sorer after it then i normally would be after a gym session.

    Maybe its just the latest fad & a waste of money, i dont know.

    Was thinking of doing it after my gym session for a few weeks but dont want to waste the little money i have.

    All opinons welcome.


    My neighbour hired one of these once…put it this way she still looked the same after a months use 😆


    Hi MaryE,

    We hired one between a few of us when we took part in RTE’s Operation Transformation earlier this year and to be honest, not really sure it was worth it.

    I used it quite a lot and did not feel much of a difference, my arms felt slightly more toned but I would probably have been better off carrying around a few tins of beans and doing some lifting with them instead.

    For the amount of time you need to spend on it, you could be out walking or running up and down the stairs and I think that would be better for you, as its proper exercise which is working your heart etc.

    Plus, they are quite expensive to hire out – a few classes at Lab Fitness would yield much better results and is far less expensive. I’ve been doing their step class at 6.30pm on Fridays and its brilliant, can really feel myself toning up again.

    I’ll be there this Friday if you fancy joining us at that – its a good laugh too. I find its nice to exercise with others, whereas I found the vibroplate a bit boring and lonely.

    Thats just my opinion….HTH


    Thanks for replies.

    Thanks for invite Sabbi, you are very good but ive signed up for six weeks at curves so better stick with that & get my monies worth.

    Dont worry, i wasnt planning on doing the vibro plate instead of excercise & had planned to do it as well as my sessions in curves but havent been convinced by it as yet.

    When my curves membership is over i plan to visit Lab fitness classes.


    have you tried it yet, a friend has one, i went on it a few times, omg my body itched all over, while on it, it’s coz your blood heats up it’s mad, was a novelty but wore off, and to be honest nothing wore off me…lol…my firend goes on it everyday and tbh not much of a difference even though she’s trying to convince her hubby there is after buying it lol…she’s actually done better walking every morning than using the machine…


    I think they are great, but not on there own, they need to bu used along with a balanced diet and regular cardio workout,,, the cardio to burn fat and the plate to build muscle

    I know a few people who bought them last year, but sold them a few months later

    Financial Companion

    Important to drink plenty of water when using vibro-plates as they tend to have a dehydrating effect. To be honest, it really depends on the individual what is best and what your intention is. A combination of walking (street or treadmill) and a few toning exercises with two light dumbells (or tins of beans!) that can be done while you watch coronation street, combined with sensible eating can bring excellent results if your mind is focussed. I’ve done a few simple plans like this for a few people lately (was an instructor many moons ago) and got some great results, especially when someone has the patience to do it slowly and steadily. Planning food is crucial as well, if you come home hungry and the only thing staring at you is a pizza in the fridge, it doesn’t make it easy. Plan when you shop for the healthy options.

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