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    forgive my typing feeding baby at the moment…..

    I cant believe the prices have increased 25%, our health insurance will be well over 2500 per annum….. Im half thinking of stopping my insurance, am i alone thinking/feeling like this?


    no dh and my mam where saying the same ..its a joke 👿


    what are the options remember rosie long who died last year after waiting on the public list …. if you heard joe duffy today the amount of money that is wasted 4000 for a bed for a night private … a 5 star hotel wouldnt have a look in 😈 … dd has been in hospital on numerous occassions but there are no private beds on the childrens floor…. but at least her treatment is covered and i have also had 3 kids i dont know i suppose you fell a bit of comfort by having it


    I moved to Quinn about 3 years ago, saved €300 a year.

    This is essential for Life… I used on both ds & dd birth and hubbie had operation 4 weeks ago…

    I would hate to leave in case something serious happened..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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