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    Hi girls

    I went to the doc yesterday for the 6 week checkup with Ava (well not six weeks until Friday) It was an absolute disaster!! I left in tears. I couldnt see the road driving home i was that upset i had to pull in and ring my dp and my mum for a good cry.

    I had very bad post natal depression with my dd1.I spent the whole of my pregnancy this time worried sick it would return, we nearly split up last time as i was not a nice person to live with and at the time we hadnt a clue why i was acting the way i was. So we actually went to councelling and talked through everything just before the birth of this baby to get us prepared.

    I feel 100% since giving birth like i said before i feel it was because the birth was so much better and ava is a pleasure of a baby, no bother at all and great feeder burper and sleeper. Im thrilled with myself how well im coping, how good my sex drive is now as it never returned after having the dd1 :roll: and how much happy i feel, i jump out of the bed in the morning and get on with things and I dont feel one bit weepy or depressed.

    Ok we have our weepy days but not dark days IYKWIM. Anyways, i just walked into the doctors office and he started on about the depression, he didnt even bother to ask how well i was feeling or doing or well done nada!
    Just said ‘well i think we should start you on the tablets again about 20mm should do it and then see you in another couple of weeks. I was gutted! :(

    I dont know what i was expecting really maybe a pat on the back i dont know but i told him i didnt need them that i was grand and he said ‘well we will only have to give you a crash course like most women in a couple of months if we dont nip it in the bud now" I was raging!

    He kept giving out to my dd1 to sit down (she is 4!) she just wanted to see what he was doing as she has a doctors set and was tryn to tell him all about her one. I asked him about the colief drops and he said he doesnt beleive in all them gimmicks and when i asked him about arranging suitable contraception he said ‘well most women that left the rotunda in the sixties didnt see a period for years because they where pregnant straight away so unless i want a big family to look after he would suggest making my decision very quickly! Without recommending anything!!!!! :x

    Girls i was drained when i got home, i just wanted to punch his wrinkly old face in! He didnt even tell me when the babies vaccines where! I had to ring the PHN today.
    Ok rant over, im not depressed i know the signs this time around, so im not going to take the pills. I think i know my own mind and body after two babies.

    Sorry for the big post but i am never going back there, and i am suffering with a sore back, he didnt even check me not even my belly to make sure my womb was back to normal! So i am going to get another doctore and get my noted and move on. So if anyone can recommend a nice friendly doctor i would be very grateful :)


    Hi HappyMammy,

    Just read your post and wanted to say that I think you are fab! You seem very in control and confident and I think you are doing the right thing by getting a new doctor…he sounds like a complete a**ehole.



    Soory to hear about your troubles.

    My wife,children and I, switched doc’s to one called Shane O’Neill. His large offices resides at the back of the Boyne Shopping center. He’s around 35+. Extreamly nice, calls you at home (out of the blue) at any time during the day or night to see if your all right, very clear in getting things across to people (this skill is lacked in many a person – you could have all the knowledge in the world but lack the skill to get it across), he (and his wife whom is a doc too there) see to go out of their way daily in the face of a nightmare of a bad health system.

    I am sure others know of such other good doctors, but if you chose Dr O’Neill, you won’t regret it.

    His clinic number is: 041 9844282


    Try not to be too upset, but I’m sure its easier said than done… everytime you post since having Ava, you always sound your usual bubbly self and on top form,, confident in everything, you are doing fantastic and you know it and no one else can say otherwise.

    I cannot believe that doctor, I can imagine which doctor you were at – was it Dr. L? – I think he should have listened to you properly to your current status, not how you were on DD1. If it was him, I know he has other doctors there, maybe make a point to say you want to see them next time… or change totally, my doctor is great, but in Clogherhead, not really familiar with the town doctors, but best of luck with everything! ((((hugs))))


    i had same sort of thing wit phn it was a routine check up wit dd she was only 5 months at the time and i was after been up most of the night wit her. i walked in the room she didnt give me a chance to say hello and then she ask me wat was the childs date of birth and iwas trying to tell her and she spoke over she said straight out have yo pnd i said no i never have had it and i walked out of the room she was in such a bad mood the phn they shouldnt employ people like that.


    Hi Happymammy, I also had the same experience with my 6 wk check up again a wrinkly old gp! Had his wife who was lovely all through my pregnancy so was a shock to my system to have this fella. He barely even looked at me I really felt invisible and was literally in and out the door. Anyways that was in Dublin city centre and I had since moved to lovely Drogheda. I needed new doc and had heard Dr.Shane O’Neill was great with kids and also his wife Dr Mary Spain was in the practise so I thought brilliant suit us all. I went to Dr.Spain and she redid my 6 wk checkup, never had such good check up in my life she did bloods, swab (I needed it done) everything you can think of and chatted about how I was feeling etc. I would HIGHLY recommend them both also for your children in the future my lil one always has lots of smiles for them (a good sign!). I think they have 2 smallies themselves so they’re in the same boat as us. Best of luck, you do right to mind yourself you have to mind your health and your head and if you didn’t get good service feck that eejit go somewhere else and keep going till you get what you want and deserve.x


    Can’t believe the attitude of that doctor Happy, he should have listened to you and definitely shouldnt be encouraging you to take tablets that you personally feel you don’t need. Fair play to you for taking all the steps to be so aware of it this time around. YOU:RE DOING GREAT!
    hopefully i’ll be around to see you soon – take care


    Hi girls

    Im going to give that Dr O Neill a call, to be honest i would not step foot inside that other clinic again, yes yvonne it was Dr L not the owner the other one without naming and shaming him as thats not what i want to do, what sort of medical degree did he take??.

    We pay a fortune for private healthinsurance and to be honest it covers frig all, nothing through my pregnancys and nothing for me and the children afterwards. You cant win the health system in this country has gone to pot! 😡 Well im over it now anyway, best foot forward and all that. 🙂

    Im not one bit depressed this time around i actually think having Ava has snapped me back to myself, apparently the anti drip thing they give you to speed up labour sorts the hormones out pretty sharpest after a high dosage while in labour im going to google this a have a good look into that.

    Post natal depression is a very dark and scary place where you feel alone and have no where to turn. I would recommend anyone that is pregnant for the first time (as they dont tell you any of these things in the books!) to have a read up on the sign before baby is born and every woman prepare just incase.

    Im going to Reiki and i have competely changed my lifestyle and all these things have seemed to help me. Also ive changed my way of thinking and i have a more positive approach to life these days. When i had DD1 it was unplanned and rushed and the unkown, although i wouldnt change her for the world, this time around with Ava im enjoying being a mammy and i want to treasure every moment because it doenst last long! Im binning the prescription for pills this time they make you feel like a zombie, if i feel like im getting depressed then i will deal with it then but for now im walking with a spring in my step. 😛 😛

    Thanks for all your lovely posts, Dr o neill seems to get the vote anyway. DP told me lastnight he is bringing me away the 13th to Rome cant wait!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)


    Happymammy, glad you are feeling much better! I don’t know much of the other guy, my Mam goes to him and she isn’t fond of him…. it was just something I expected of the other one!, but it sounds like he needs a refresher course!

    You are right, alot of us pay alot for private health insurance and it isn’t worth a damn really.

    Best of luck with the new doctor!


    Well shes a braver women than most because i couldnt go back to him after that he would have you up the walls and out of your head on pills!! 😯 😯

    Congrats on your bubs, hope your not feeling pukey!!!


    Thanks a mil! I’m one of the lucky ones, never had a bit of sickness, just the tiredness….


    you know how you feel so it’s important that you get a doctor to listen…..believe me been there done that, i found the male doctors didn’t give a damn i went through loads of complaints over and over about how i was feeling and how sore i was…..then went one day the doctor wasn’t there so got a female doctor and she was very sympathatic to me, and really has it that i visit it regular…….this side of town though so perhaps far for you but you are great don’t let them put you down…….

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