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    Looking for some advice here gals, I am really annoyed about this and wondering, am I right to be annoyed or am I wasting my energy even trying to complain about it.

    Right here goes…back in May my sister decided to send my nehpew – who is 10, the same age as my son – over to us for a holiday by himself.

    He cannot fly without adult supervision so my Dad agreed to go to Jersey and fly back to Ireland with him as his guardian and then a week later, my sister and the rest of her family were coming over a few days and bringing him back home with them to Jersey.

    I usually book the flights for my family so I needed to book 3 different sets of flights. I had to book my Dad on his own going to Jersey & back. Then I had to book my nephew to come to Ireland with my Dad and go back to Jersey with his mam. The I had to book the rest of his family.

    Because he is a child, I could not book his flight as child without attaching him to an adult and because he was travelling with different adults each way of the trip, I just did not know how to book it.

    I phoned Aerlingus customer support several times for advice and was constantly left on hold and eventually after approx. 20 mins of holding each time, cut off.

    I called their special assistance number and got through to a full mailbox.

    I called group bookings but because I was booking flights for 5 people and the minimum they deal with is 7, they would not help me. They were the only ones who actually answered the phones and they would not help me at all, they passed me back to customer support who eventually cut me off again.

    I called and emailed them several times over a 2 day period (in between working & looking after 4 kids) and when I got through to someone she told me I could book the flight for the child on his own online. I tried this and it did not work, it insisted I book an adult with the child, so I called again and eventually – finally – got through to someone who told me I could book the child individually as an adult, (even though he is under 12, as long as he was travelling with an adult they said it would be fine)

    So in the end, it was an easy thing to do but I just did not know how to do it and it was very frustrating that it took them so long to explain it to me.

    While all this was going on, the flights went up by almost 200 euro and this was an extra cost we had to incur.

    I am annoyed that Aerlingus did not answer my emails or calls and because of the delay in the information they gave me, we were financially penalized.

    I sent a letter of complaint to them in June and got no reply so I contacted them again at the end of July and they said I could resend the letter. I resent it via a web forum and they acknowledged it and gave me a case ref but they said they would not refund anything or give any credit towards a future flight, regardless of the extra price we had to pay.

    They said flight prices cannot be guaranteed until a flight is officially booked. I explained that I understand that but because it was them who was not giving me the information I needed, that caused the delay in me booking the flights.

    I was not even asking for a refund but I do think they should give us a travel voucher towards a future flight to make up for it.

    Am I being unreasonable asking for that? Just wondered what you guys thought?


    Can i ask during the time you were waiting for information did you search for the flights more than once – they say that the more you search for the same flights/dates the more the price goes up – that you should clear your cache/temporary internet files each time…now i don’t know how true this is but i regulalry clear the temp internet files in work anyway so it would always be a new search. I know Ryanair have been accused of this but have denied it but they’d have to wouldn’t they.
    I don’t think you’re being unreasonable but i’d be surprised if you get anywhere – best of luck

    Financial Companion

    It’s one of those awkward ones Sabbi. Prior to actually making the booking, you haven’t paid for a service so it mostly amounts to just really bad customer service but not something you can demand recompense for. I know it’s frustrating but they could probably come up with dozens of situations that are not mainstread and therefore would require investigation and prices are not guaranteed until booked. They would probably also say that if the price had gone down during that time that you would have benefited.

    A strong letter directly to the chief executive is probably your best option.


    I did not search munchin – I had heard that too so I am not keen on constantly checking flights, I check them initially and then usually wait until I am actually booking them to check them again.

    I have heard airlines do this and I remember when my aunt was getting married some of us booked our flights early in the day and as the day went on, the flights went up and up until they were crazy expensive!

    We’ll see what they come back with. I’ve told them I do not expect a refund but a travel voucher towards future flights would be nice.

    It took almost 2 days for them to give us the information we needed, I think that’s pretty bad customer service.

    I would like the person looking into my complaint to ring their own customer service helpline and see what happens. I was on hold for more than 20 minutes each time and then, was cut off!!!

    We’ll see….


    i know it’s done now and you know the answer but i’d have rang a travel agent to ask – they usually would know the answer rather than ring any of the airlines that seem to have terrible customer service.


    I actually just thought about that today myself munchin. Hindsight is a great thing….

    I wish I would have rang Platinum Travel; they were so good last year when they were our travel expert, they would have advised me straight away.

    This is why we need a travel expert on here – for annoying things like this!

    Honestly, I wish the person investigating my complaint would just ring their own ‘helpline’ to see how unhelpful it actually is! Then they would be ready to say how sorry they are!! But alas, that’s unlikely to happen! 😳


    They have said they cannotbe held responsible for flight increases and that’s that. I was never actually complaining about the increase in price, it was about the fact I could not get the help I needed from them to actually book the flight. Their lack of response delayed me and that’s why I was annoyed I had to pay more.

    Very annoying but not getting anywhere with them. Its disappointing because they used to be so good at customer service. 🙁

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