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    A few years ago the Callaly family were pushed into the national headlines after their Daughter/sister ( Rachel O Reilly) was found murdered by her husband. We have followed the familys battle for justice and shared their tears and pain….. i was very saddened to see in todays paper that the Callaly family have lost yet another daughter.
    Rachels beautiful sister Ann (31) lost her battle with Cancer on Friday and her funeral will take place tomorrow and she will be buried beside her sister
    It seems very very unfair that one family has so much grief and sadness in their lives, if the murder of their first daughter didnt kill them, im sure this loss will finish them off
    Keep them in your prayers


    It sure it extremely sad. For a family to have gone thru so much pain and suffering as it is just so unfair..

    Prayers are with all her family and friends.


    It was very sad to hear that… God love the family..


    Read this in paper today…its soooo sad!!! Thoughts are with the family.


    missed that yest – so sorry to hear it. Thinking of them.


    God thats terrible….i remember watching Rachels mam on the late late recently – shes such a strong woman – she’s had to be really hasn’t she. God help her and her family x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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