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    Hi Girls,

    I had a day from hell the other day! I was up 5 times during the night – twice with my newborn and 3 times with my 2yr old(teething) – also woken by the hubbies alarm at 4.30. Anyhow, after all this, I decided that I needed to get out of the house for some sanity. It took me three hours to get ready and by then it was 10.15 – I planned on going to the Parent and Toddler morning in the Laurence Centre.

    I arrived in the car park and reached for my bag to put the car park ticket in and found that with all my organising, I had left my handbag at home – had everything else but the kitchen sink and had even managed to bring both children!!!

    Anyhow, at thisstage, holding back the tears, I thought that I might had 15 – 20 mins grace or that I could talk nicely to the person on the intercom. I parked the car over beside the ticket machine – locked both babies in(could not face trying to get the out and organised just to get a ticket sorted. The machine showed up a fee of 1.20 and no intercom – I had not a penny on me. A very nice lady, was standing beside me and I asked if she knew where I could find someone to assist – much to my mortification, she insisted on paying my carpark fee.

    I do not know who this lady is but I am extremely grateful and it is nice to know that there are still decent people in the world.

    I cried the whole way home, got my handbag and then went out for lunch. Things are finally calming down now! DD is now on the hungry baby, DS slept all night last night, DH is off for 4 days, and I finally got some sleep!

    To all the ladies with babies – you are not alone. To those who help us out – you are greatly appreciated :lol:


    Oh Mammycool, I know what those nights are like 🙄 I end up like a zombie 😳
    That was very kind of that lady, its lovely to know people can still be kind and caring….but do think u should get a few minutes grace.
    I did very same thing in scotch hall but guy let me out barrier and i flew home for wallet…..Oh good tip i leave wallet in nappy bag cause that never gets forgotten 😆 😆 😆


    When babs was only about 3 months I was standing , struggling to find the change to pay my parking ticket in the car park at Lawerences Centre when a lovely guy came along and just decided to pay my ticket for me and wouldnt let me give him the money. I think there must be parking angels down there. It put a smile on my face and in such a shitty era it restores my faith in humanity. So thanks for that! Funny how these things always happen when you are feeling really low isn’t it!


    You poor thing, we all have days like that!! I guess its part of being a mammy!

    There were so many mums and babys at the Bagel Bar that morning that you should have just come in. We would have given you some change for the car park fee and got you a coffee.

    If it happens again (heaven forbid!) please come in. We all need to be nice to each other with the way things are at the moment and I would have been very happy to buy you a cup of coffee – and it sounds like you really needed one.

    Hope your week has been better since and that you’ve gotten some sleep. Chin up!!

    and never mind that you missed out on the goodie bags because the Bagel Bar are organising another parent & toddler morining soon in their Balbriggan store so there will be plenty of fun etc to be had at that one.


    oh mammy cool i can imagine how you felt – nice to hear some nice people out there alright.
    I remember when E was a baby i was all set to go to a coffee morning – was alomst there when i realised i’d forgotten my purse to – it was over half hour away from home so if i’d gone home & back again i’d have missed it – like you i bawled – out of sheer frustration – then i started doing like Talyor says – purse in nappy bag – i’m only using hand bag again recently 😀 😀 and new babs due in a few weeks so it’ll be back to nappy bag agian 😉


    its so nice knowing there still are those few nice people out ther who help for nothing in return.


    I lost my ticket in the Laurences Centre a while ago…I called for one of the attendants and told him..I was waiting for him to say there was a fine or something (like in Scotch Hall..have had many run ins with car park staff there!!) but he must have taken pity on me (pregnant and struggling to manage a 3yr old) as he just asked how long I’d been there and took that amount off me and let me out!!! My dad was so impressed he sent an email thanking them on my behalf!!! There are still good people out there!!! 😀


    Whenever I park outside around Drogheda and I only stay a few mins but have paid for a full hour of parking (as some of the machines only take a minimum of 1.20) I always try to give my ticket to someone else.
    It annoys me that I have to pay an hour’s parking when I only need a few mins so I always try to give the ticket to someone else.

    Then, finally, a few weeks ago I was parking on the quays and a man came over and offered me his ticket. He had only used it for a few mins and said it would be a shame to waste it.

    What comes around goes around – I’ve been doing that for ages and I was delighted when someone did it for me!

    I think we should all watch that movie ‘Pay it forward’, if we can all be a little bit nicer to each other – for no reason other than we want to – life would be so much easier!!


    Thanks girl – was thinking after I posted that I sounded like a bit of a nut!!! The joys of motherhood!!!! Anyhow, my ds is back sleeping this last week and my dd is slept until 5 this morning – that was about 7 hours sleep for her and 9 since her bottle – in saying that, she drank 9ozs. She is some baby for drinking – on the hungry baby and drinks a huge amount in the evening – 12lbs already!


    Hi there, I was thinking of you all yesterday. I was at the hospital with my ds getting his bloods taken, it normally takes a couple of hours waiting, so i put enough for two hours in the parking meter. Anyway, surprisingly, we were in & out within a half an hour. Normally i wouldnt think twice about the reminaing time left on my parking ticket but i remembered your post & decided to find someone who may need my ticket. I found a lovely couple who were delighted with it. Made me feel really good to, to give it away. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your post as would never have thought of giving the ticket to someone (just wouldnt have crossed my mind) before i read your post. Thanks.


    If I cant find someone to give my ticket I put into the ticket slot on the machine

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