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    hia girls,

    i had a meal out on saturday in a well known hotel- arranged sitter, loads of hassle – first night leaving baby, worried about toddler etc.

    it was absolutely dreadful, was so disappointed.

    im going to write in a letter as there was no manager only a very lovely young girl who i didnt have the heart to off-load to.

    what would you do in that situation?

    just curious….

    super minder

    we dont do it enough.
    bad service and food should not go unnoticed.
    write your letter.
    and let us know how you get on pet xxx



    You could phone the hotel and ask to speak to the manager or you could get his/her email address and email them about your experience.

    That way they will have your contact details and they can get back to you and apologise and perhaps make it up to you in some way.

    I had a bad meal at a local restaurant a few months back. I avoided the place for a while but then had to go to an event there. There was a new manager in place and he asked me if I came in regularly and I said no, and told him why.

    He was very apologectic and offered my husband and I a complimentary meal to make up for it. We went along a few weeks later, with low expectations but it was really nice.

    Im glad I gave them a second chance and let them make it up to me because now I will be happy to go there again.

    Good luck!


    thanks for that, glad to hear you got positive results from complaining, although to be honest if im offered a free meal, i won’t be taking it – im still getting over the effects of the first one!!

    ive posted off the letter so ill follow up with a phone call on wednesday and let you know how goes 🙂


    OH how dreadful hun 😮

    if that were me i would have asked for the manager right away, unless what was the "bad" experience happened after you got home. Usually when done right on the spot they’ll will offer their apologies, not have to pay for the meal and get a complimentary meal if you decide to come for the next time. Well its good you sent them a letter and pls follow up, it’s not FAIR to us to be paying for something that made us unwell!!!!

    Keep us posted im curious to know how they made it up to you and you family*


    We were away in a hotel over the weekend and had 2 bad experiences there with meals, but at least there was a manager on duty and he was more than helpful…i still felt bad complaining but unless we as customers tell them when we are not happy they cant improve the service. I got a call yesterday from head office of the hotel to get more details and they were more than happy thatwe had raised the issue with them…Def get in contact with the hotel and if they are in any way professional they should be glad to hear the feedback so they can improve !


    I agree, if we are not happy we should let them know.

    We were away at a hotel last year and at our evening meal, DH was eating a roll and there was a bit of steel in it! We told the waitress first and she came back to say that the chef said it wasn’t their problem as they buy them in! Not to say we seen red, and got the manager – she wasn’t much use either…

    Sabrinab 08

    Oh Yvonne, i dont blame you.. i left a review on here for one such place!!! was so angry,, got a big piece of crab shell in a tiny crab cake, near broke my tooth when i mentioned it, not even complaining i was told and i qoute here" their hand picked,thats gonna happen" i was that dumbfounded that i just sat lookin at him.. i said well your lucky it didnt break my tooth or you’d be hand picking up a bill from mydentist 👿 Cheek of them,.poor service or food is NOT accepatable in this day and age.. recession plus all the competition.. if they dont value your custome and you dont get what you paid for, dont stand for it!!
    Feel for you CC we were the same, was s o lookin forward to gettin out with my hubby for a nice meal and dont get out that much it was disaapointing!! thank god we have mt to offload 😆


    well we got nowhere with the letter or the follow-up phonecall. The manager was worn out and i got the usual jaded responses. I was told that a voucher had been mailed to me, which i can also use in the main hotel but from the response i got i felt we’d get the same substandard service and bad food. time to write it off as a bad experience. we may use tthe voucher the next time we’ve guests coming up to visit us and they can stay there instead of with us – but we wont be going back ourselves and will be naming and shaming the place to our friends. thanks for all your replies.

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