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    I need ideas as my kids are fussy regarding fruit and veg (so am I to be honest).

    And we’re always eating the same ones, and I find it expensive as well.
    We have weekly:
    peppers with onions

    then if I make a veg soup there is sweede and celery as well.

    Are a no : peas and all kind of cabage family.

    We also have cucumber, tomatoes and salad.

    We would have courgette and aubergine but find it expensive and of course it’s not a favorite with the kids.

    What do you eat and how do you cook it?
    Knowing that I have to do 2 different kind of veg as my 2 kids they don’t like any veg in common.
    Also what fruit and veg do you put in lunch box?



    We put green beans in curry, they kind of like that.

    If you want to hide veg in their food, just blend it before adding it. I often blend onions, garlic, peppers, courgette, carrot etc and add it to curries, lasagnes, soups etc

    Thankfully, mine all eat Broccoli, they all really like it and will happily munch on it. They all eats peas too – they love mange tout and sugar snap peas. You can also try frozen peas, mine all quite like those – they are sweet but still technically a vegetable!!

    Ours are all good at eating fruit – they like bananas, grapes, oranges, apples, melon and will eat that every day. (well most days!!)

    Do you ever make smoothies with fruit? This is a good way to get it to them and you can use carrots too as they are very sweet in juices.



    Yes agree on the blending beforehand, I do that with anything in one pot or a sheperds pie, lasagne. What about half corn on cob? My kids love that schools and often have it when they come in from school.
    parsnips are another one, id roast them with carrots.

    In lunch boxes I put banana, grapes, cherry tomatoes, slices pepper, blueberries, apples. Depends really what’s on offer I normally get my fruit & veg in lidl, I find the selection and quality is better than aldi and much better value than Tesco.


    Blending definitely…. I make soups more often now and always blend it. Mine aren’t that fussy, they’d eat any kind of fruit and most vegs too, but some vegs are definitely better blended.


    one pot dishes are great for hiding veg – my dd1 "doesn’t like" mushrooms but only if she can see them 😆 😆
    Lasagnes, sheperds pie, cottage pie, bolegnese, soups, stews, etc etc…..
    We would eat a lot o broccoli & carrots but also corn on cob the girls love it, the don’t like parsnip/turnip but eat it in mixed dishes above.

    Fruit we buy strawberries, grapes, melon, pineapple, apples, bananas, oranges, kiwis etc at moment (I eat a lot of fruit too) and on Friday my girls get smoothies with any fruit left over from the week and they love them (thankfully)


    Cauliflower cheese is always a hit with my young kids and any kids that visit. I have also heard of mashing cauliflower into mashed potato to hide it but can’t say I’ve tried it myself.


    the cauliflower in mashed potato is the one i use in this house.for the top of a shepherds pie. my eldest dd has a very discerning palate and she never notices. it doeschange the texture of the potato a small bit ie makes it a bit more crumbly but no big difference in the taste. i keep meaning to try it with celeriac.


    Thanks for ideas.
    I’ll try coliflower, I love it only with white sauce, just whish my kids would too. But did not do it in years so should try again. But first in mash.

    They do eat any kind of veg soup as long as the colour is orange, so not so bad.


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