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    Hi just wondering a quick question . this is my 4th pregnancy i ad 2 sections 1st and 3rd child 2nd was a vbac. i am 13 weeks and wake up in agony along the scar line like someone is tearing me open literally like a stinging cramp and it takes my breath away ? any reason for this i had this on the last pregnancy but not as severe. also in ireland will i be considered for a vbac


    Hi Eileen,

    Have you had an antenatal appointment yet? If not you might ring and see if you can be seen sooner. It could be the uterus stretching but it’s always good to get anything out of the ordinary that’s worrying you checked out.

    As you’ve previously had a VBAC it’s definitely worth discussing with the staff and see how things go with your pregnancy.

    Best of luck with everything,



    Hi Eileen

    I have had 2 cs and 2 normal deliveries, (1st – cs, 2nd and 3rd normal and 4th cs) however have been told by gynae that I wld have to have another cs if I were to have another child as I have now had 2 csections. Have to say that I much prefered having a normal delivery – recovery time faster and felt fineafterwards so Im all for a normal delivery if at all possible of course.

    Good luck with yr pregancy – 4 is great fun 😀


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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