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    Hi everyone, I’m will be teaching a VBAC Preparation Class in the City North (for couples or just Mums).

    Planning a VBAC in Ireland can take work. Work to find a consultant/hospital that will support you….work to get support from family and friends and work to rebuild your confidence in normal birth if you’ve had a difficult first experience.

    There are however ways you can stack the deck in your favour – through education and preparation so you can have the most empowering experience possible even if special circumstances prevent you having a VBAC.

    This unique VBAC class will help you understand your options, build your confidence and prepare your partner to support you through the birth process calmly and confidently. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet other VBAC couples.

    VBAC Preparation Class

    City North Hotel – Dublin
    August 21

    2:00 – 5:00pm

    City North Hotel – Dublin
    October 16

    2:00 – 5:00pm

    City North Hotel – Dublin
    December 4

    2:00 – 5:00pm

    Topics covered in our VBAC Preparation Class for Couples

    – Why choose VBAC – current research findings and recommendations

    – Is VBAC safe?

    – Physiology of normal birth

    – Labour support strategies and comfort measures for labour and birth (including acupressure, essential oils, breathing exercises, visualisation, waterbirth)

    – Being a confident birth partner

    – Informed decision making for a positive birth

    – What if you go overdue?

    – Is it safe to labour at home?

    – Creating an effective VBAC birth plan and how to communicate your intentions and preferences

    – When is a caesarean absolutely necessary?

    · You’ll also receive our VBAC Preparation CD to continue building your confidence after the class.

    Cost per couple for our 3 hour VBAC class – €80.

    Enrol online at ChangeYourMind.ie or PM me for more details


    Author of The Irish Caesarean and VBAC Guide and The Better Birth Book


    Hi All,

    We cannot recommend Tracy highly enough, she is an amazing lady and anyone who wants to try for a vaginal birth after a previous c-section, would really learn a lot from this class. She has a huge wealth of information and is excellent at communicating what women need to know about Maternity services and birth in Ireland today.

    Thanks for putting this together Tracy, hopefully it will help lots of women get the knowledge they need to go forward and have successful VBAC’s.

    Kind regards,
    Mumstown Team.

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