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    Just wondering what everyone is planning to do this weekend for Valentine’s..Usually we would go for a meal and a few drinks but often this turns out to be a disaster as restaurants can be crammed and as a result the food isn’t always great. Yes I know I should be there for the romantic chat and the loving glances but after 12 years together the food is VERY important!! This year however we won’t be making any plans as ds is getting tonsils out this thursday. Depending on how he is, and as we also have a lovely 2 month old, it will either be a take away and an early night (to sleep!!!) or a take away and an EARLY NIGHT!! :wink: :wink: …sadly I would love the sleep option!!! :roll: :roll:


    We are not doing anything. Might get a bit of steak and cook that. Reason for not going out as we are heading to Castlebar the following day for 3 nights (with kids).

    I never really was into going out for a meal on Valentines night. Everything is so overpriced. We get eachother a card and thats about it.


    We haven’t gone out for Valentines for a good few years now, usually go out the week before for our anniversary, as the service on Valentines can be terrible!
    Generally I would cook at home, make a fabulous meal, with wine and better and an early night!! 😉 😉
    But this year, think it will be a take away with wine and beer and the early night!!! With a 4 1/2 year old to get to bed and then a 3 month old to feed and put to bed…. won’t have proper time to eat!


    Forget your champagne and oysters…my hubby has just informed me that he’d like spag-bol for our romantic meal…how exciting!! 🙄 We may even push the boat out and have some garlic bread…Oooh the passion!


    I am having a nice romantic evening home alone – like every other celebration this year, my hubby is working and I am home minding baby!

    He is quiet good in making meals for Valentines, with soppy cards and jewelry that you would give to a maiden aunt – but it’s the thought that counts 😀


    Well if you’re feeling artistic (or if you want the kids involved) you can buy some great stuff in Tesco. I got a pink heart shaped biscuit tin (€4) and some red tissue paper (80c). Am going to bake some heart shaped biscuits (got the cutter there too (€!.50)) with ds and put them in there for him. Also got some heart shaped balloons and candles…to be honest it’s more for ds to keep busy than to be romantic but the end result will be the same..a happy child and a happy hubby…but hubby would probably prefer something a bit more racy in the tin than some choc-chip cookies!!


    sitting in all alone i am 🙁 no bfand j will be with his dad

    me thinks a nice soak, do my nails, tan and sit in front of roaring fire after getting a takeaway 🙂


    yummy i’ll have dd & the hubby and i’ll probably be doing something similar to you 😆 😆
    my sis is taking E overnight Fri so I think we’re going to go cinema as we haven’t been in over a year and god knows when we’ll go again!


    We have the DPs parents coming over the next day so we will be doing something very romantic – scrubbing the house!!


    We couldn’t get a baby sitter and have my brotherinlaws wedding the day before so think I will cook a nice meal and then we are heading out for a meal on the Sunday night rather than the Saturday. Looking forward to it.


    Dont make Taylor’s chockee Wokkee Mouse it will get you pregnant 😆 😆 😆 😆


    I just love valentines day. Firstly we decorate the house with love hearts on the window and balloons. Last year we started the day with Champagne and strawberries yum yum. Then with the help of the children we make heart shaped biscuits and decorate them with pink and we also make a heart shaped sponge with lots of cream (out the window goes the diet) Then during the day we do the chocolate fountain. Later when the children are in bed we do a take away and drink from our love heart glasses and then some fun and games!!!! Love is in the air.


    right thanks Olivia….put us all to shame……no fair

    😆 😆

    yeah stay away from the chocolate moose…..if ya dont’ want another babs…. 😆

    nothing really this year to be honest we don’t do much, everyday is valentines day 😆 😆
    we’re going to my inlaws for dinner as was fatherinlaws b-day last week so we’re having dinner to celebrate so we’ll be having a rosemantic family dinner….lol…plus it’s dished up to us….happy days….

    babs like the idea of the cakes and balloons making with ds…think might do that with my ds on sat morning and bring to his nana’s house…..

    Oh can i just say my ds who’s 3 just got his very first offical valentines card….not from me or any relative i’ll add…..but a little girl in his class… cute she was so excited, she made especially for him there’s was a little jealousy in the class, and my ds was mortified, apparently she follws him around and just loves him….how cute……so have to make sure he gives her a card and flowers fri…


    Olivia, oh my god thats mad!!!! Lucky hubby

    Yummy I prefer your night I think 😆

    No me and dd will be in England so we will be apart for Valentines


    awww scole how cute 🙂

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