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    hi there…just wondering…my daughter is due to start school nect week (sob sob)…anyway im coming to terms with it (slowly!!)…and thought i was well sorted with everything….until i overheard woman in supermarket talking about bringing her son who’s starting school to get his jabs????…….so now its dawned on me that maybe my dd is due a vaccination?????….she is four since feb…….cant believe i overlooked this…was so caught up in uniforms and book lists etcetc….feel like a bad mommy!!!!!!!….can anyone shed some light on this pls?????


    Don’t panic! Around the start of school (4-5) they get a booster, but it is no big deal. Easily down by nurse in doc surgery.

    (My DS2 is due to start as well – I nearly started crying when the letter from the school arrived. he’s only a BABY……. :cry: )


    they are due a booster vacination at 4yrs alright – weird i was only talking to my mam about my little one. Usually it’s either done through the school when they start or in our case the school don’t organise but we got a note reminding us it was due.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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