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    “My name is Stacy, I am a mother of two young boys and a qualified Early Years Educator (Honours Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education), with 14 years’ experience working in the early years sector. I am passionate about the role of play in enhancing the development of children.

    My aim is to support families with their delivery of play-based ideas, either in parallel with childcare services or as a means for supporting those at home with young children. I am also conscious that the cost of childcare is high and the cost of living is on the rise. Having access to resources, tips and advice on how to support children’s learning and development through play is necessary for many families today.

    With this in mind I have created a social media platform where I share play ideas in the hope that parents feel empowered to be able to replicate these low cost, low prep playful ideas in their own homes.

    (Instagram @allaboutplay_with_stacy and Facebook @allaboutplaywithstacy)

    On my website you will find free downloadable resources aimed at parents or those working with children. I have created this section in the hope that it helps take the stress out of planning for play, for you to simply have fun and create memories together.

    I also offer online workshops that will provide families with a greater understanding of the importance of play for young children. Helping families utilise the resources they have to ensure they are providing meaningful play and learning opportunities for their children. Demonstrating that play can be both low cost and low prep, whilst still providing endless learning opportunities.”

    I hope that this helps some families.

    Many thanks

    Stacy Hevey

    Kind Regards,

    Stacy Hevey
    Managing Director
    All About Play with Stacy

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