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    Hi Everyone,

    i know i have posted before asking for help for Drogheda Animal Rescue but there was an urgent meeting this week due to our lack of foster homes and money to pay for kenneling of our animals, also the poor animals that have been in long term kennelling are really beginning to show signs of loneliness……..

    Foster homes urgently neededfor dogs & cats!

    Can you or someone you know offer temporary foster care?

    Our ability to house & care for animals in Drogheda Animal Rescue is very
    limited as we currently do not have a centre and rely heavily on foster
    care and costly private boarding kennels. These private boarding kennels
    are running up HUGE bills for DAR!

    We need to get the animals into safe, warm homes until we can find them a
    new permanent home. DAR will provide the following, so there’s no expense
    to you, all you have to do is give as much love and attention to your new
    furry friend as you can:

    Food & Food Bowls
    Collar & Lead
    Cat Litter & Tray
    Outdoor Kennel if needed, and
    One Happy Dog or Cat!

    Our more experienced dog/cat handlers are always on hand to answer any
    questions or help out if there are any problems while our animals are in
    your foster care.

    Drogheda Animal Rescue also looks after all the animal’s veterinarian
    needs. So, there is no cost to you!!

    Considering Adopting, but not sure if you or your family are ready?

    Fostering is a great introduction to dog & cat ownership. It helps you get
    a very good idea the involvement, committment, and work that is required
    to owning a pet. It also gives the family an opportunity to have a dog or
    cat as a member of the household. Some families are not sure if they are
    ready for a dog or a cat; by fostering, you can get all the rewards (and
    headaches) of pet ownership without the responsibility of actually owning
    the pet.

    If you are interested or have any questions on fostering a dog or cat,
    please check out our website http://www.dar.ie or e-mail info@dar.ie or of course you can pm me for more details.

    Please help our furry friends….

    Moonflower x


    Moonflower would love to help, but would have to talk to dh first. I’ll let you know what he thinks


    Thanks Taylor, hope Dh says yes 😀 …you were really kind last time with our other little dog offering to put him up for a while.


    Moonflower would have loved to help with this but we already have a large dog who isnt good around other animals 🙁 but if ever i am in a position to do this I will help no problem.

    Let us know of any upcoming fundraisers etc


    moonflower i was thinking of getting a dog if i get my job share in work should know in 2 weeks if i get it i would defo be interested, only saying to john the other day i wanted to get ryan a dog, if i get the job share i would have loads of time to walk him or her with babs.

    Love dogs we always had them when we were growing up will let you know


    I might be able to help – will need too talk to DH, and I would only take a small dog, that could possibly sleep out in a kennell???

    I have three little girls, my 6yr old is always at me to get a dog – she is mad about them, but will she be able to let it go when its time?

    Will be in touch,



    Hi Girls, thanks so much for your replies, any help is so badly needed. Also if you can try to spread the word to anyone who may be able to help that would be wonderful.

    Also, if anyone goes onto the website, please have a look at Kenny…..he is a dog who in particular has been with us for a good while and is getting very lonely in the kennels, he may eventually go to Sweden where a lot of our dogs end up going as we cannot find homes in Ireland, which of course again is a very expensive way to rehome a dog but as we operate a no kill policy, then we just have to keep trying until we find the right home for our animals.

    We have Christmas cards and calendars for sale this year if anyone is interested? Also DAR just held a very sucessful quiz night, so when they do a next one – hopefully we can get together a couple of mumstown teams and enter.


    i will buy some cards and calenders were do i get them. If i get the job share i would want to keep the dog for good not foster


    I was going to get the Gary Kelly cards again this year, but the DAR cards sound wonderfull…. where cna I get them and how much are they etc…
    Forgot to ask dh and dont think tonight is a good idea, he is like a bull with sore head and on the phone to work all evening 🙄
    Will wait until tomorrow, I would also be looking for a dog that could sleep outdoors


    I will find out about where they can be bought in Drogheda……

    Yes Taylor, you are right to pick your moment. We had some french visitors staying with us for last week so had a house full, took them back to airport yesterday and then got a call from one of girls in charity saying there was a lost dog running around in Mornington, could we look for it, so Dh and I had a drive around and I said if we see it we will have to bring it home coz I would hate for it to be run over on road, Dh didnt answer just smiled "sweetly". We didnt find dog but Idont think Dh minded too much…


    I showed him the site and he did like the look of Kenny but he isnt suited to a house with young kids….. are their other dogs needing a foster home? There is one dog, little white pup with big ears and dark spots on her face, I have fallen in love with her


    Moonflower my dh has fallen for Dottie and is will to give her a foster home, I know I wanted a dog that would sleep outdoors but would be prepared to bend this rule for such a cute dog. I dont think Dottie is in kennels though and isnt looking for a foster home.
    I like the look of kenny, but it says no young children so that rules him out. Young Jessie looks beautifull too, Oh I’ll take them all 😆
    Can you pm what dog are needing a home and could you pm what kennels they are in. I know this might seem like a strange question, but my brother has a local kennels and if he is homing the DAR dogs I could pop over to him and have a look myself


    Hi Taylor,

    I will find out for you. Ahh dont worry about Kenny, he will find his family eventually 8)

    I am on an intensive Reflexology course this weekend so a it side tracked but will be back in action on Monday!!

    M xx


    Hi Taylor,

    Can you pm me what your brothers kennels are called and i will check if he is helping DAR.

    Also if you can fill in a rehoming questionnaire online for DAR, i will follow it up for you with the girl that actions them. The website is very much kept up to date, so all the dogs on there will be looking for homes.

    Thanks so much for offering a home 😀


    Hi there,
    I did pm you and I went online and filled out the form. I’ll pm you again with my real name so you know who I am.

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