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    Has any one else noticed more and more kids "collecting " at the door, we had 3 lots in Tullyallen last night, I have started to get a bit suspicious of sponser cards and the like ..I gave a couple of euro to the first two lots but the third one on closer inspection was collecting for a " Traveller Kids Halloween Party" :shock: "

    If they call again I am releasing the effing dog .

    And noticed the first round of kids who I did give money to, later on in the Mace shop buying an extraordinary amount of sweets..mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


    Hahahaha you got stung big time didnt ya!!!

    I never sponser these things at all. If my ds comes home with a sposer card for soething i would never let im around the houses to ask people either. He goes to my parents , me and his dad….thats suficient enough I think. Its only a donation thats needed.

    Tell them No thanks!! 🙂


    Yeah absolutely.

    Never again..feckers 😆 😆

    Sponser a traveller halloween party…err yeah right Tullyallen is bad enough at Halloween round some estates as it is..

    No offence to any one blah blah blah before the P.C police swarm in 😆


    Ive gotten the traveller halloween party thing too…..I ask them who is going to sponser the settled halloween party….. 😆 😆


    Had the ‘Traveller Halloween Party’ thing in CLogherhead too….my daughter was looking at the people who gave a €5each on a card, funny thing was all these different people had the same handwriting…. 😆


    ditto last nigth in tullyallen traveller party thing – recall same thing last year, or was it earlier this year for a summer/easter/day with a y in it party…

    also lotta door to dooor selling electricity/gas/oil paintings

    think will just draw curtains 6pm and give everyone i want to see a special knocking code other than that they can all do one!!!


    If my ds is inside I rarely ans the door 🙂

    I either look outseid for a car or esle wait for phone toring and someone to say im outside…hate getting tung with random callers…airtricity and sky are the worst…….GO AWAY!!!!!


    god i will be more carefull now…..

    Yeah am gonna give money to people to build bonfires and scare the shit outta animals with illegal fireworks 🙄


    let them come tonight 😈 😈 😈


    Definitely a scam.

    We had them around our estate looking for sponsorship for some Traveller party, it was a while ago so cant remember what exactly the party was for. I just asked them loads of questions and then ran them, wasnt happy with their answers.

    Think there was a bit in the Leader about this at some stage over the summer hols.

    Hate all those Airtricity, Eircom etc cold callers. They always manage to call when I m bout to sit down with a cuppa 👿


    have had the callers at the door too during the week as well for the travellers halloween party, they go around at xmas as well,

    Plus what bugs the cr@p out of me is they ring the doorbell at 8.30pm when the kids are in bed!! GO AWAY!!!

    While we are on the subject of doors I AM SICK 😈 of junk mail etc being put thrrough my letterbox!!! Does anyone have a no junk mail sign on their door and do they pay any heed to it??



    The amount of junk mail is unreal, everyday we seem to get it and those poor stickers you know the ones looking for clothes donations etc getting alot of them over the last few wks too.


    They are my neighbours HMM, they come hereat least a few times a week… i just answer the door with "what is it now?" it was summercamp, halloween party… go Feck off will ya!

    Trixie my mam put on on the door and yes its stopped the amount, a little less but not as much

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