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    our little fighter got through a 3 hour operation today to fix the hole in her diaphragm.the next few days are critical as surgery is hard on her little body so please keep sending all your positive thoughts to our beautiful daughter

    The staff in temple street are amazing,so supportive & helpful.

    My partner is being like a rock.i feel like a zombie to be honest sleep deprived & quite sore where was stitched up also am finding it hard to express milk but hopefully my milk will come down tomorrow.as she will need my milk when she is able to be fed to help her immune system.

    thanks for all your thoughts & prayers im sure they are helping Hailey fight this.


    Aw bless her….. Good Girl fighting away! May she go from strength to strength, and may you and your partner take some comfort from all the love and support and prayers being sent your way….x


    Glad to hearHailey’s surgery went well. She sounds like a little fighter. Keep your strength up, try and get some rest where you can. xxx


    Thats great news about Hailey…
    Thinking of you all


    God love youBrenda what a difficult time.

    Try and rest as much as you can, as you will need to be as rested as you can be for expressing etc, sure your milk will come tommorow and Hailey will benefit greatly from it. I know it must be difficult to try and sleep during such a worrying time, but its the advice you know you would give someone else…

    The staff of these places are so amazing and technology has come so far , your little girl is in great hands.

    I came on especially to check for updates so am grateful to have read this tonight.

    Sending prayers your way xx


    Hold on you get there and Hailey will be back in your arms and home very soon.


    Try your best to eat, drink and get some sleep as it will all help your milk come in. The milk usually comes in around day 3-4 so hopefully tomorrow you will get some good amounts for expressing. that is a great thing to do for her and will help her immune system hopefully.

    thanks so much for letting us know, we are really all rooting for her and thinking of you at this very difficult time.

    sending you big virtual hugs and wishing little Hailey a speedy recovery.


    Keeping you in my prayers xxx


    Thinking of you and Hailey – glad she came through the operation ok and as you know we’re all rooting for her – xoxoxo

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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