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    Sabrinab 08

    Hi girls, im doing a fundraiser for my local soccer club, Glen Abbey rovers.
    In order to raise much needed funds to keep the clucb going we are collecting all 2nd hand clothes shoes(in pairs) belts bags, coats etc.. so long as their re useable there is a clothes company that will pay us for them. If anyone is doing a clear out and has anything to donate I would really appreciate it
    I can come and collect them at any time.
    Thanks in advance, your support is truly appriecaited!! :D :D



    The Mumstown Drogheda & Dundalk get togethers are on next Tuesday & Thursday, if anyone wants to bring them along on the day that might be easier for you.

    the events are on:
    Bagel Bar, Laurence Town Centre, Drogheda 10-12, Tuesday 5th April
    Bagel Bar, Marshes, Dundalk 10-12, Thursday 7th April


    Sabrinab 08

    that sound great Sabbi.. if anyone has any I would be more than happy to pop down onthe 5th to the bagel bar and pick them up!! thanks a lot.
    If anyone is gona bring some along let me know and i’ll be there 😀 😀


    Thats a great idea, i have planned a clear out but havent gotten around to it yet, if i have it done in time i will pm you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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