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    Just letting you know about my latest healing treatment I can offer….Universal Reflexology….this is like no treatment you have ever experienced…..

    Your feet are still massaged and treated but in a much more gentle spiritual way…this might not be for all of you…as its more about connecting with your inner being and often during the treatment messages may come through by psychic means either through me as the channel or you may well experience visions and sensations yourself…..as some of my clients already know this happens sometimes during my normal treatments….but with the universal healing approach I am using colours and silent affirmations during your treatment to make it all the more powerful….

    It is absolutely wonderful,even if i Do say so myself….its what we all need to clear blockages and move on in positive ways in our lives….

    And me being me….with the dreadful credit crunch affecting us all I am offering this special experience for only 35 euro per treatment…….it takes around an hour and 15 mins……

    If you have any questions please pm me or ask below,I am happy to answer any questions even if you are not interested in a treatment…

    Moonflower xxx

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