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    Whats going on in Drogheda latey – so much sadness..
    I fear for this budget – will more lives be lost…
    Another live lost tonight!!!!!!!

    All young people


    Seen that chaps funeral today (Robbie) it was HUGE!!! Garda cars and the Drogheda Brass Band…. i just think its so sad too see a man so young with young children leave this earth so soon!
    I said to dh the other night that no matter what ever happens in the future regarding jobs etc… i’d rather lose my house then my husband 😥


    i thought very same when i saw paper yesterday…seems to be such sadness…I know Drogheda people are very proud of their town & rightly so…I think they are a very close knit community & i love to hear stories of times gone by in drogheda from some of my older clients….

    but….energywise…i find DRogheda very depressing…whenever i drive thru or go shopping there i come back very down…was talking to one of historians in Millmount about this & he was telling me many people find the same….not sure what it is as Drogheda now has so much to offer but could be a foot print left by history….

    but going back to that poor man & several other similar stories…my thoughts are with all the families & i wish there was something that could be done more as a community……to try to help people that are despairing in these tough times….


    on another note..yes i agree taylor we need to watch our hubbies as a few months back when things got a bit tough for us in Dh’s job & money etc…i knew dh was getting down but didnt know extent until one day he broke down & said he was having terrible thoughts…& they were bad as he coudlnt see life picking up….his plan was to just drive to airport get a ticket & go anywhere…he said thats what kept going on in his head evreyday as he drove past airport & he was totally serious….i know a friend of mine dad disappeared when we were at school like this following money probs he just went missing but eventualy turned up a couple of years later after battling severe depression….

    Dh wont mind me mentioning it as he is on top of it now & is often at end of phone to workmates who are having similar thoughts or even worse if u know wat i mean…

    just wanted to mention this so we all keep eye on our men & watch out for any strange behaviour….


    I think we all need a boost, it would be a good time for Drogheda to be finally recognised as a city, I think that would give the area a boost – they have been lobbying for this for years…wonder why it has not happened?

    It would mean some cause for celebration and might encourage some new jobs and more local spending?

    I think we all need to look out for each other at the moment and being nice to each other and having a smile for someone in the street sounds like a tiny thing but its effective.

    I was paying for my car parking last week and the machine would not the the 5 euro note I had and I had not enough change on me and before I could head off to get some change in a nearby shop, a lovely lady popped a euro into the machine for me. This is the kind of thing I would do if someone was stuck but its not often it happens to me and I have to say, it made me feel great that someone would be so kind like that. I offered to go get change and she would not hear of it so I decided I would do something nice for someone the next time I got the chance, to kind of pass it on.

    Even walking down the street, the way we carry ourselves says a lot about us. When someone says hello and gives you a smile, its nice, you feel a bit better – where as if everyone is walking down the town with their heads down, thats no good to anyone!

    Maybe this is silly but sometimes little simple things like that can cheer someone up someone. So if you can, say hello and give out a few smiles!


    I knew Robbie quite well and unfortunatly didnt make the funeral as had to work but my mates were at his wake and said it was one big party…..just what he would of wanted he was a mad fecker 🙂 So he got the send off he deserved!!!


    bless him thats good to hear that they turned his passing into a celebration..

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