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    Just trying to work this one out……

    If you are unemployed and looking for that ‘non-existent’ job you have to be out of work over 1yr to be entitled to apply for Community Employment Schemes……

    But in that year a lot of people will get disillusioned and loose confidence. Why not let people who are out of work and have a skill apply for CE jobs where at least you get a chance to hae a purpose to your day, ‘earn’ money for the job you do and not feel like you are ‘getting’ the dole for nothing.

    I know many people who hate being on the dole and would much prefer to earn their ‘dole’ money, or CE money as it becomes, when you work on a scheme.

    There is a lot of work that needs doing in our communities especially with the elderly, disabled etc. and many people have the skills to help voluntary organisations. At least this way someone gets to have a ‘job’ and the community organisations get some skilled people to help keep their organisations running efficiently.

    I know the next thing is FAS, who pay the CE Scheme money, will say they have no funds but surely its nearly as simple as transferingthe money you would be entitled to on the dole to a scheme instead.

    Not a long term fix but when the jobs are in short supply and people are sitting at home when they would much prefer to be out doing something it might help morale.

    Just a thought…


    that’s a great idea, but then again to get this government to actually listen and have great ideas, is like mmm never…they’re dopes…..why not write to your local td and air your opinions thye may just listen right now….

    i think especially the way thingsa are at the moment, so many skilled people out of work, yeah it would give them something to do but also make them feel like they weren’t just sponging….it’ll help bring the community together and perhaps restore faith in one another and bring the countrytogether…..

    i know my FIL is out ofwork at the moment and in the trade and he’s trying to find anything in the house to do do fill his day, he’s even breaking things in order to fix them……we have a baby on the way so have bought a second hand cradle that needs sanding and painting just for him do do something, as well as a bedroom need doing…..

    i’d say if he could have the oppertunity to go and do something useful in a community project he would as he would get the sense of achievement and would be very proud……

    write and see what response ya get but defo you’re up there for dancing… 🙂 😉


    I agree, It can be a very long day if your alone with no job. Think of how much the community would benefit from the guys who are unemployed and are skilled etc.If the self employed are sitting at home now with their own tools and are not entitled to the dole why dont the government offer them an amount ie. per 20 hours etc etc a week to work so many hours using their trade.Fixing the community, schools, elderly, etc. Great idea. There would be many who prefer to sit at home. But I know my partner would be out like a shot to do whatever to keep his brain active. Great idea altogether.Well done! You should buzz Gerry Ryan about that he would love that story!


    Happy my dh is the same – bored stupid at home – will do anything and everything to keep busy. He’d love the chance to be back in the work -force in any shape or form!!!!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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