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    Another totally random one!!!!!……I have managed to lose almost two stone since start of year…..my hubby has posh Xmas party coming up and I usually dread it but this year decided to embrace it and fell in love crutch a dress online so decided to treat myself…..arrived today….so excited….rushed to try it on and would u believe it actually fits!!!!!!! Proem is that it’s very figure hugging and requires serious underwear that won’t show through and this is where I draw a blank!!!!!… I’ve been so used to loose baggy clothes I haven’t a clue what to wear so need ur help ladies……dress is a nude kinda colour!!!!


    Congratulations……like they say nothing tastes as good as loosing weight feels. Its a great feeling, especially when you get new clothes.

    I think nude underwear would probably be best? For occasions i normally get the support underwear just for the extra shape. Most places do them from m&s to penneys depending on budget.


    Congrats on loosing all that weight!! Great feeling I’m sure!

    You might be able to wear an underslip type thing that smooths you out.. take a visit to Ophelia aswell – they give great advice, you would pay a bit more there. Bring the dress with you too.. and try it on with whatever you think will go under it. Saves you bringing it home to try it on and then bring it back etc..


    well done ruby, thats brilliant 😀 you totally deserve that dress!!!!

    If you want to look – but more importantly feel – amazing in it, you need proper fitted underwear. I would recommend a one piece from M&S. I got a black one to go under a fitted dress and I have no lumps & bumps in it, it smoothes out my wobbly bits and gives me a great shape. I think l walk differently in it, it gives me that much confidence! it was 40 euro but lucky me, l got it on sale for 16!! l think they have 20% off underwear this weekend so you might get a bargain

    First of all, make sure you get measured (its free to be measured in M&S) and they will tell you which size you are and will help you find the right underwear for the dress. M&S are very good, they will get you loads different styles and price ranges to help you find what suits you.

    hope that helps – let us know how you get on! 🙂


    I would get an underbody smoother type shapewear from M&S. I have one that looks like this and gives you a sleek all over look!

    http://www.blackcatplus.com/blog/wp-con … -jf002.jpg


    This is the one I have: http://www.marksandspencer.ie/Light-Tum … onm_PnwmpI

    Although, I definitely don’t look like the girl in this pic!! Much more ‘curves’ in my one 😀


    I like the thighs to be under wraps too as the bathing suit cut on the bottom part gives me bulges on the hips and butt line!


    google ‘figleaves’. great website for all that stuff & good returns policy & good delivery & phone help

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