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    Most people are now aware of the Ulster Bank systems problem that prevented millions of euro of automated payments from reaching the accounts that they were destined for. While the bank are working to resolve the issues (they say that the actual problem is now resolved and they are simply working on the back log to ensure that payments reach accounts as soon as possible, estimating approximately a 2 day delay) a few points worth noting for anyone concerned:

    For salary payments that did not reach accounts, customers can call into a branch with their payslips and ID and will be facilitated to some extent (to facilitate this, many branches were open until 7pm this evening and those that normally open on Saturday mornings will stay open later. If deemed necessary, Sunday opening may be a possibility).

    For anyone concerned about direct debits due to hit accounts, the companies presenting are all aware and in most cases will arrange a representation to hit the account at a later date.

    Ulster Bank have stated that charges will not be applied for any missed direct debits or standing orders.

    Here is the most recent news update from RTE http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0622/ulster … ments.html

    For any specific queries, I would advise contacting your local Ulster Bank branch.



    Thanks for posting this Dave – its good to know someone with the ‘know how’ so that we can ask if anyone is in a pickle.

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    Happy to Sabbi 😉

    60 branches around the country will open until 3pm today with a further 20 branches opening tomorrow (Sunday) until 1pm.

    Customers of other institutions hve been urged to contact their own banks which should facilitate them with an overdraft (presume remporary) without fees.


    a neighbour of mine said she only has 12e in her purse as no wages went in, i offered her a few hundred to get her over the weekend, i feltso sorry for her

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