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    U Mamma Newsletter

    Back Care for Children
    Children, much like adults, can suffer from back pain and often school bags containing heavy books are a cause of concern for parents. It is important to consult your GP if your child complains of back pain and to have it reviewed in order to rule out any other cause of back ache. Our U mamma chartered physiotherapist has provided some useful tips for the back to school period to help prevent simple back ache in children.

    School Bags [list:ehy24myh]
    [*:ehy24myh]Purchasing a bag with 2 adjustable padded shoulder straps and a waist strap can be beneficial to centre the load. [/*:m:ehy24myh]
    [*:ehy24myh]Bags should not be larger than your child’s back and should be worn evenly around the middle of the back. [/*:m:ehy24myh]
    [*:ehy24myh]Only carry what is necessary and carry heavier items closest to the back. [/*:m:ehy24myh][*:ehy24myh]The bag should be worn over both shoulders to distribute the weight evenly. [/*:m:ehy24myh][/list:u:ehy24myh]

    Posture [list:ehy24myh]
    [*:ehy24myh]Sit right into your chair at school, as interesting as the lesson may be do not perch on the edge of your seat! *Children should be encouraged to stand up and stretch during long classes and to be as active as is permitted during break time. [/*:m:ehy24myh]
    [*:ehy24myh]Spending long hours in static postures can lead to stiffness- this means only short periods (20-30minutes) watching television or playing computer games. [/*:m:ehy24myh]
    [*:ehy24myh]Partake in activities that promote posture awareness- martial arts, ballet, speech and drama. [/*:m:ehy24myh]
    [*:ehy24myh]Most importantly be active for at least 60 minutes every day.[/*:m:ehy24myh][/list:u:ehy24myh]

    For additional informational call our U Mamma Women’s Health Physiotherapist on 01 2014900 or email at info@umamma.ie http://www.umamma.ie

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    Just had a read there, some good information…and some nice product & treatment ideas.

    Our daughter has Sophie the Giraffe and she loves it. She squeezes it, chews it, bounces it off the floor, her head, her siblings heads and basically plays with it alot. For some reason, babies love these little toys!!


    Hi Sabbi,

    Delighted you liked our article, some good little tips there! Isn’t Sophie the Giraffe the best, it’s literally flying off the shelves, babies just love her.

    Here’s U Mamma’s September Special Offers:

    U Mamma Head & Face Massage:
    A face and head massage that is simple yet very effective for relieving the symptoms of stress and to reduce tension around your neck and shoulders. Let your therapist stimulate your face and head marma points balancing body, mind and spirit.

    Now only €30 instead of €45!

    U Mamma Body Reshape Therapy:
    Experience total body detox. This therapy begins with a full body dry exfoliation. Enjoy a face massage while a detoxing body mask works into the skin. Shower, then experience an invigorating marma point massage with a U Mamma™ slimming oil.

    Now only €99 instead of €145!


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