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    Using the Birth Ball for Pregnancy and Childbirth

    Sitting in an upright position on a Birth Ball, your body will assume the proper posture. It is the perfect position to be in as much as possible during late pregnancy. It is recommended that during the last 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy women sit on the birth ball as much as possible while watching TV, relaxing or at the computer. Sitting upright on the Birth Ball achieves the following:

    • Increases blood flow to the uterus, placenta and baby
    • Relieves pressure and can increase the pelvic outlet as much as 30%
    • Provides comfortable support for knees and ankles
    • Provides counter-pressure to the perineum and thighs
    • Mom’s can lean forward and pelvic rock, sway and gently bounce
    • Upright posture works with gravity encouraging the descent of the baby Putting all of your upper body weight on the Birth Ball when in the hands and knees position will do the following:
    • Helps relieve back discomfort and pain
    • Mom’s can pelvic rock and reduce tension in the lower back
    • Putting the weight of the upper body on the ball takes the weight off your wrists
    • Encourages rotation of a posterior baby
    • May relieve pressure on swollen anterior lip of cervix

    The Birth Ball Supports Women in Labouring Positions Childbirth Experts and researchers throughout the world have validated that standing, sitting and walking help to shorten labour by 25-40%. When a woman remains upright and active during labour her contractions are stronger, more regular and frequent, which quickens the labour progress.

    How can birth balls help childbearing women?
    The Birth Ball is a physical therapy ball, usually about 29" in diameter. The ball can be used in prenatal and postpartum fitness programs; used in late pregnancy can help encourage the baby to engage in the OA position; for positioning during childbirth and for comforting the baby after birth.

    Using a Birth Ball can make rhythmic movement, changing positions and remaining upright easier. Fatigue is decreased when a woman can rest part of her body on the ball. The ball provides support to hip joints, knees, and ankles so the woman can be mobile for longer periods of time.

    STANDING: Gravity helps the foetus to descend during the course of labour. The labouring woman can tolerate standing longer when she rests her upper body on a birth ball that is placed on a bed or stationary chair.

    KNEELING: Women often kneel to relieve the pain of back labour and to encourage the rotation of a posterior position baby. Kneeling over the birth ball and rocking or rotating the hips is more comfortable and counter pressure is easier to apply when the woman is in a forward leaning position.

    SITTING UPRIGHT: When a woman sits upright on the birth ball she often remarks that her back immediately feels better! She can easily rock back and forth and she finds that the ball provides counter pressure on her perineum and thighs.

    POSTPARTUM: After birth women may want to use the birth ball in a postpartum exercise program. A specialist fitness can assist in obtaining information about a safe exercise program for postpartum recovery.

    BABY SOOTHING: Babies love rhythmic movement ad many parents have used the birth ball as an aid to soothing a fussy baby. Some gently bounce on the ball and others move side to side on the ball while holding their baby. The infant craves movement to stimulate his/her nervous system, add the rhythmic movements on the birth ball can help foster healthy development of the baby.

    U Mamma Christmas Treat – 30 minutes €30! Pamper your feet with a refreshing foot soak and ankle massage followed by the choice of:
    • Head and scalp massage
    • Back, neck and shoulder massage
    • Foot and leg massage

    U Mamma Oasis Facial & Foot Therapy – 45 minutes €45!
    A soothing facial massage is followed by a rejuvenating mask to firm your skin and leave it refreshed and renewed. Your facial is followed by a foot therapy-the finishing touch to leave you completely uplifted and revived.

    U Mamma Melt Away Ritual – 1 hour €55!
    This unique treatment is especially designed to enhance relaxation, peace and sense of well being. It incorporates foot soak, back, neck and shoulder, face and head massage.

    For additional informational call our U Mamma Team on 01 2014900 or email at info@umamma.ie

    An easier way to read: U Mamma December Newsletter


    A handy way to read the Newsletter:U Mamma December Newsletter

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