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    Hi there,

    Got a pucture yesterday outside the school- ahh – anyway got fixed but Mechanic told me that my tyres are seriously bald & they all need replacing ASAP.

    Im a complete dumb blonde when it comes to cars, so need your advice on what brand of tyre to get?

    Mechanic said that they range in price form €55 to €95 per tyre but dont know what brand to go for, am i buying a brand or are some tyres really better then others?

    Anyone know?



    The best place for tyres is just beside the school, McManus tyres… i got tyres for dh’s they were 95e for a brand name tyre. I got a cheaper tyre for my car made in the same factory as the brand name for only 55e each, i was told they would last a good 2 or 3 years for just tipping about the town.

    If money is tight, as it does be at this time of the year! 🙄 You could just do your front tyres this week and next week or the week after do the rear tyres. With the bad weather coming your better off having 4 good tyres but the front tyres are what drive your car and stick you to the road…. that is if your car is front wheel drive, if you drive a BMW it would be rear wheel 😆 😆 😆

    Financial Companion

    I agree with Taylor, McManus are probably thebest value around.


    Great, thats good to know.

    Thats actually were i eneded up yesterday when i had the flat ( A Big nail in the tyre- wonder where i got that? somewhere from the dublin road to the school!), didnt even know McManus was there until then.

    Going to back to get the tyers there, i rang and they recommended a few wel known brands for about €80 each, so that sounds good to me.

    Love that you dont need to make an appointment but can just turn up when it suits.


    Do you do much milage in your car? Do you commute etc? They do good cheaper brands…..
    Just now that you mention it, i ended up in there with a tyre off dh’s car the other morning. Tuesday morning he had a flat tyre, i got a repair done in mcmanus tyres for 10e. It was a screw in his tyre!!! Sounds strange that 2 cars in the estate had flats, i wonder did one of the builders drop a box of screws/nails 🙄


    Dumb blonde, (no such thing, well apart from the ones who dye their hair blonde and are a bit thick!!) 😆 😆 😆

    We go to Glen Tyres in Balbriggan, they are in Convent lane, beside the train station. I got tyres for my renault (they are quite thick, so usually expensive) and I got them for 70 euro each. I was quoted 90 in a few places, so was very happy to get them for 70 each and that included fitting.

    If you do go there, ask for Michael and tell him Siobhan O’Neill recommended you, I’ve known him for years and he is brilliant.


    Money has been tight so I got 2 part worns from Mcmanus tyres they were 30 euro each ..very handy will see me through..the others were bald!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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