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    Hi gals….

    I need to get some tyres for my car… being NCT’d on Thursday, and I’m looking to find where I can source them, Drogheda area…. as inexpensive as possible of course…. :wink:


    Just a very important note about tyres.
    Make sure that wherever you get them that they put on a E registered tyre. If it is not E marked they will not pass the NCT.

    A lot of garages still have old stock without the E mark and are putting them on cars.
    The NCT are under instructions that any car presented without E mark tyres will fail.

    I normally get my tyres in Global, but there are a few places about the town.



    I went to Glen Tyres in Balbriggan for mine. They are located beside the train station.

    I rang around loads of car places (North and South) first. I got a quote for 4 new tyres for my Renault from the garage in M1 retail park Drogheda of 440 euro(madness) and another quote of 240 pounds sterling from Kwik Fit in Newry and then I rang Glen Tyres and got them down to 250 euro – for the same tyres that Kwik Fit were offering. So that saved me a trip and all that hassle for roughly the same price. Happy days!

    I was very happy with them and the guys were really friendly too. I left the car there, walked around the corner to the Bagel Bar for a coffee and within the hour I had my new tyres on.

    If you go there, ask for Michael, he is a lovely guy and will look after you. You may have to haggle to get a good price but thats half the fun!


    McManus Tyres on the Marsh Road are usually pretty reasonable…


    Aidan Hand & Sons, just off the Castlebellingham Exit on the M1 best place in Co. Louth for Tyres, good rates, a long time in business and you can be sure that whatever tyres you buy will pass the NCT and be above board!


    the tyre centre up in the top garage across from the nct centre are brilliant, really good quality tyres no cheap crap.
    Would you not let it go in for nct and see what it fails on… Reanult told me it would fail on my tyres and it didnt… but if your tyres dont have the E logo on your tyres to say they are to european standard they will fail the car.. 800 cars a day failing due to this


    theres a new tyre place where mc cabes used to be on the north road joey dunne tyres


    Thanks all for your replies! Will be setting DH the task of the phone-around tomorrow! 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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