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    Anyone want or know anyone who would like a well behaved TY Student for a weeks slave labour from Monday 24th in North Louth.

    She’s sent out lots of letters but had no replies and I don’t know where to start at this stage. She plays music and is great with kids.


    is she doing work experience? why not try the newspaper…i remember doing a stint at the irish independant newspaper in the photograpghy section was great even got one of my news pics printed…back then it was proper film developing ….

    or droichead arts centre….. sonairte…..any voluntary groups she could help with maybe?

    or lmfm? i’m sure someone here even with a business could show her a few things or know someone that could help her out….

    if she wants she can mind my kids, do the washing etc etc….lol…but that would be boring….


    Hi Scole,

    Would you believe that she has written to every one of those you mentioned and not one of them answered her letter.

    She did her last stint in a Primary School and she got on really well, she can’t go back to the same place and we were trying anything really to do with music, media etc but nothing. She’s hoping to teach hasn’t made up her mind yet whether she wants Music & another subject for secondary teaching or primary and teach music outside of school.

    I can’t give her away, lol.

    From what I’ve seen of her clothes-washing, house-keeping capabilities, I think your better off struggling alone, lol…. she is a teenager.


    Did she contact the collage in Dundalk, Boylesports head office in the Finninbar estate, the Louth Hospital


    A creche, preschool maybe. Does it have to be the one place or could she combine it with other voluntary groups doing some evenings at youth groups etc for teenage children, know some are run for children with special needs also locally.


    the only thing ref kids she’d have to get clearance ie. garda clearance…..

    have sent you a pm….


    We had concentrated mainly on media this time round, I honestly never thought of DKIT. I don’t think Boylesports would be able to take her, its been gambling and her underage. And she would be useless in a Hospital, very squeemish I’m afraid.

    I don’t think she needs Garda Clearance for to work with kids because she’s under 16 she’s deemed to be a child herself.


    What about the local Library?

    What papers did you try? Was it the Argus you were trying to get her into or the Drogheda indo? A few people on here have contacts in those papers, they might be able to help…

    What about LMFM?


    Definately try LMFM or Drogheda Independant?


    What about a photo stuido? Its not media as such but what she could learn could really stand to her depending what form of media she is intrested in following…. my neighbour works in Newtalk and they are great for taking in students


    Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for those idea’s. We tried Argus, Democrat & Essentials Magazine, to be honest I didn’t think of Drogheda Indo, we’re closer to Dundalk so it just never dawned on me.

    Someone here has been kind enough to get us a contact within LMFM and we’re emailing there at the minute.

    She’s a young almost 16, wouldn’t be streetwise enough just yet for Dublin to be let loose on the Matthews Bus and I don’t have anyone up there to keep her and watch over her for me, so we didn’t apply for anything up there.

    We didn’t try the Library because we were trying the Arts Office and they are all Council ran… so thought we would hit one at a time.


    My dh used to work in the Irish indo, he is gone a good few years and most of his close friends have left too, but will check if they still have any contacts in the Louth Papers
    Does the DKIT have a school Radio or Magazine? That might be an idea!?


    Did you try the library or museum?

    Or a different school?

    She could try Pugwash Bay Creche (there are 4 of them that I know of – mine are on the Carrick Rod, there’s one in Knockbridge, one in Bay Estate, I think one out Annagassen way). They def take them from PLC courses. Too young to need Garda clearance, I’d say. Owner: Sharon. Lorna & Roisin in charge in Lis na Dara. They have a website that gives more detail….

    Any of the voluntary shops – Oxfam etc or the new one for Women’s Aid?

    ISPCA? Or someplace like Pirates Den??

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