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    My sister is 12 weeks pregnant with twins, to say the twins has been a shock to her system is an understatement. she had a scan last week and they are both growing well and healthy.

    any mums to twins on mumstown?, I just wanted to get as much advice, tips for her that I can get


    No experience of twins myself. Maybe check this site out


    Two sets of twins in my mams family but it has skipped us!

    IMBA is brill, they help with advice on pregnancy care and which buggy to buy and also, they help twin parents get discounts too.

    I think there might be a grant that twin parents can get from their local citizens advice bureau too, worth looking into!

    That’s amazing news, I am sure they are shocked though!! Janey Mac, 2 babies!!!!


    I asked a colleague who is expecting twins if she has any advice for your sister and here is what she said:

    In terms of advice,
    • Don’t let the anxiety overwhelm or consume you. Stay positive and optimistic. –This was a big hurdle for me initially. I was sure something was going to go wrong, I was just waiting on it to happen, because I only had heartache and bad news to benchmark my pregnancy against. But that bad news never came. Positivity goes such a long way.
    • It sounds silly but from when I found out at 8 weeks that I was having twins, I gave them a pep talk in the car to work every morning, I told them that they were doing great and that I’d keep them safe. (that kept me in a good mind set.)
    • Enjoy your pregnancy, enjoy watching your body change and feeling those kicks inside you. -I still get really emotional when feeling my babies kick, I am so grateful and so in love with them already.
    • Stay away from google, every little niggle I was straight on to google, manifesting symptoms and self-diagnosing.
    • Don’t panic, I found myself worrying about how we were going to afford two babies, childcare costs and going back to work. I was thinking so far ahead that I wasn’t enjoying the moment, everything will work out.
    • Be selective about what advise/ stories you take on board. Everybody will know somebody who had twins and the story usually starts with “ oh be careful… my nana’s neighbours nieces daughter had twins and >insert negativity here<” -Just grin and bear it and brush it off, listen to all the lovely heart-warming, positive stories out there.
    • As my partner would say everything will be perfect, we deserve this…And we do.
    • And when people tell you that they are delighted to hear your news, you will see it etched on their faces, they genuinely are so happy for you, it’s a wonderful feeling.

    Hope that helps a little for your sis Haileysmam!

    Good luck to her with her Rainbow babies!!!


    Thanks for the advice ladies, I got her a book on twin pregnancy from the library too so hopefully she will get all the info she needs.

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