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    Hiya, been a long time since I was on this board, but everyone was so helpful during my pregnancy with DD (now 3), I’m back to soak up some more of your wisdom! I am now 16 weeks gone with twins and I’m absolutely terrified! Not so much of actually having an raising twins, but of the pregnancy itself. I am guilty of watching far too many discovery channel shows involving multiple births and the complications that arise during pregnancy. I find myself hyper-aware of everything I’m putting into my mouth, how much rest I’m getting, should I be lifting that, etc. Would love to hear from other mums of multiples so I don’t feel like I’m going crazy! Are there any support groups out there for parents of twins?


    Congrats on your pregnancy. It must be exciting and terrifying at the same time. I have no words of wisdom for you expect to enjoy the pregnancy and take all the help you can get when your little ones arrive.

    Check out for info on multiple births


    Thanks Maria…will check out the link now!


    Ellokittee – deep breath and relax! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! Firstoff – congrats! Two little babies is double the joy (or so they say 😉 !)

    But seriously, my neighbours have twins and they are the most well behaved kids on our road and the parents never look stressed. I don’t know how they do it but they make it look so easy!

    As this is your second pregnancy, hopefully you can enjoy it although it will be a bit of a different experience as you are carrying two babies this time but hopefully it will be a good pregnancy and enjoyable for you.

    If it makes you feel any better my Nanny had twins when she was 41 and she already had 5 children by that time. She said they were quite the surprise pregnancy but she just got on with it as best she could and it all worked out fine.

    There is a great book called ‘The better birth book’ written by an Irish Mother for Irish Mothers – this is a really practical and helpful book to read so pick up a copy of that if you can. (I only found it on my 3rd pregnancy and it change the way I viewed pregnancy & birth totally, made it a much nicer experience)

    Also, as Maria said, check out IMBA – they are fab at organising get togethers and putting parents of multiples in touch with each other.

    Best of luck!


    Hi Ellokitee
    a huge congrats, having twins is such a special gift. Yes you’ll be freaked out but you’ll be fine. Don’t watch the programmes or listen to horror stories, I’ve twins who are now 3 and a ds who is 6 and they are so much fun. It’s hard going but any baby is. Once you get into your routine, life will be much easier.
    Some tips for you:
    rest as much as you can, a twin pregnancy can be harder sometimes,
    be prepared, this is vital as you could go early
    join the Irish Multiple Births Association and maybe attend the conference on the 25th of September as you’ll get alot of info at that.
    Ask as many questions as you like, pm me any time, I’ll help you out.
    But try and enjoy the pregnancy if you can.
    Don’t worry, twins are so amazing and you’ll be a mini celebrity in your locality when they’re born.
    Again, ask me anything or pm me and join IMBA (I’m on the committee so I know you won’t regret it)
    Take care

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