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    Those little twins are still missing in Italy and police are fearing the worst after their father killed himself and wrote a letter saying he had killed them too. Why couldn’t he have just killed himself and left them alone. Its so tragic and such a waste of two little lives. There is a big search going on for them so all hope is not lost but is not looking good. So sad.

    "The father of missing Swiss twins wrote a letter saying he had killed them, police say.

    Matthias Kaspar Schepp said that six-year-olds Alessia and Livia were dead and he would now kill himself, according to Vaud cantonal (state) police.

    The letter was sent from Italy on February 3, the same day Schepp was found dead in an apparent suicide.

    Police in Switzerland, France and Italy are searching for the girls. The search is focusing on the French island of Corsica.

    They were reported missing by their mother on January 30 when her estranged husband failed to return them to her home

    Swiss police said that in the days before he apparently killed himself, Schepp, 43, used his work computer to trawl the internet for information on firearms, poisons and suicide.

    He was found dead in the southern Italian city of Cerignola. Police say he threw himself under a train.
    Schepp and his wife Irina Lucidi kept separate homes in Saint-Sulpice, where they both worked for Philip Morris International’s Lausanne headquarters.

    Police say starting on January 30, Schepp travelled from Switzerland to Marseille, France, then on to Corsica and back to mainland France before reaching Italy. It is unclear when and where the girls disappeared"

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