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    I dont agree with tv’s in kids bedrooms ie tv channels on it…. but do like the idea of a tv/dvd player. Ds1 would often be allowed to put a dvd on late as a treat (downstairs) he gets washed and into pj’s, the idea of doing this while he is in bed sounds very very appealing indeed, but as rcole said if i did get a dvd player im sure i’d have to trip the switches as i could see ds watching power rangers as 3am :lol: :lol: :lol:



    Just looking for opinions on kids having tvs in their bedrooms and at what age parents decide to do this.

    Ds1 who is 11 and Ds2 who is 2 dont have tv’s in their rooms andds1 has never asked for one but I m just curious what the situation is in other houses.


    My ds has one in his room, has had one since he was 3 he 8 now. In saying that it was only hooked up for dvd’s only a couple of months ago did we get a tv aerial into his room. He actually watches tv with me and only really goes upstairs to watch football or a dvd.
    Can be a godsend on a rainy day I tell ya hahaha.


    we have one for ds1 since he was 2 or 3 as well.
    rarely use it, he has a vtech thing that he sometimes plays on it.
    mainly its used for dvd’s and that is rare enough as well.

    started putting a dvd on a friday night now before bed.
    we dont have tv stations on it.

    problem with our man though is that if something he likes is on he will stay up all night watching it, so you have to keep an eye.


    I don’t have tv’s in either of my kids bedrooms…..
    Just a personal choice really. They watch the tv downstairs, and if they are upstairs its either playing with toys or bedtime…


    i’ve a 3yr old and 10month and no tv’s in bedrooms, i only agreed to a tv in our own room about 1.5/2yrs ago. I’ll resist putting a tv in their rooms as long as i can – the odd thing they want to watch as they get older they can watch in our room. Worked in my mam’s house 😉

    In saying that my friend’s 5yr old has a portable dvd player and she’s allowed take it to her room on a Fri & SAt to watch a movie – my friend went down this route because she can physically take the DVD player away if nec. works for them.

    Like everything tis personal choice but my dh is terrible for having tv on all the time – his own parents are same – so i like the quiet when it’s off 😉


    I wouldn’t put a tv in my own room … so certainly wouldn’t in my childrens rooms. Although I’m lucky to have a second lounge which we use as the kids den … so they have tv and game consols there. With both teenagers and toddlers in the house the secondtv is a godsend, even just to get the sound of fluffy gardens out of your ears it’s great to banish them for a wee while and have silence again!


    we have a tv/dvd in our ds1 like rcole said, to be honest i wasn’t keen at first but we got a v smile and it’s for playing that and watching a dvd when he’s behaving and if he’s lucky….

    also if he decides to wake rather early ie sometimes 6am and there’s only so many times you can get him back into bed before he wakes the whole house so if he’s lucky he gets it on so we can have a little snooze until ds2 wakes, usually a 1/2 hour later…..but hey…..
    i do though like having him playing in his room if he wants rather than the tv as the distraction…he has colouring books and books and a playmobil farm set out so that he can play free from a crawling baby….so i prefer him playing that than the tv….
    really the only thing he can watch is dvd’s and they only get turned on under mammy and daddy’s instruction not by himself and we decide what he watches not the other way round…NO WAY will i have channels in his room until he’s a teenager….(again circumstances change but for now my mind is set lol)

    we all had tv’s in our rooms as kids, my dad was a tv engineer so really we had cast offs…lol….but there was a rule when it was allowed on, and when it was to be off and what channel granted we only had rte1 and rte2….i do however have memories of watching new kids on the block in my room with my friend and my younger brother belting down the door….and me pushing him out…. 😆

    but even when we got older we had tv’s and we didn’t have all the channels we had a few, being the only girl in the family, the boys watched their programmes mum and dad watched theirs and i watched mine….but we as a family would sit and watch tv together and that was a treat night…i.e sat night vhs time lol….
    i also remember my dad taking the plug off the tv’s too when we were naughty so no way would we be able to slyly have the tv on…..

    oh the joys


    I have a 15 yr old and a 3 yr old and no TV in either room. The teenager did push me on it about 3 years ago, I stood firm, so in the end she gave up. The 3 year old knows no different.

    We’ve told her when she’s finished Secondary School she can have one. We don’t have Games Console in the house apart from a Nintendo DS. Thats only allowed out at weekends and we also have a rule with the Mobile…. must be left in the kichen at bedtime and not allowed to be switched on or taken from the kitchen until all homework is finished. Bebo/Facebook for 1/2 hour during the week if homework and music practice all completed in time and then 2 hrs Saturday and Sunday. She got an Ipod Touch for her birthday but we got into the house modem and put time restraints on the availabilty of broadband to the ipod. It works, mind you she’s still up half the night reading…..

    Most of my friends have the same rule – no tv in the bedroom some only allow internet at weekend. But most of them can’t control the phone…. so far its worked, I’m expecting a rebellion soon.

    She’s doing well at school and in her music and its the plan to continue it with No. 2 aged 3 because I think it works.


    Thanks for all the input.

    Ds1 has a tv in his room at his Dads house but never looked for one at home with me so we just never bothered with it. We do have a tv in the play room no channels on it just used for ps2 ( the odd time its used). Maybe in a few yrs I ll get channels put on it for boys but at the minute they are happy enough.

    Sparklycake, I have the same book worm problem. Ds1 would read all day and night if I let him but thats not a bad thing. Love reading myself when I get the chance or when I can stay awake long enough 😀


    i think my tv trouble will start with ds2, he has just turned 1 1/2 and some of his first words were peppa, ben 10 (as clear as anything) Sam (for fireman sam) Ben and Holly and Buzz….. he runs into the playroom and grabs woody and buzz when we put the movie on!!!! He doesnt watch Thomas yet so he is only choo choo, think i have a tv addict on my hands!!!!
    But thank God he has turned a corner and will sit for a full story now 😆 😆 😆


    Just got SKY multi room, all probs solved.

    Mummy and Daddy telly in front room, DD and DS telly in playroom.

    No TVs anywhere else in house, and wouldn’t ever either. Believe bedrooms are for relaxing and telly isn’t relaxing in terms of how your brain and body actually responds to it, it’s a stimulus. Don’t want kids being stimulated before I want them to sleep. I don’t have TV in our bedroom and can’t think of anything worse tbh. Have to model the behaviour yourself that you insist on for your kids, i think.

    DD told she can have tv in her room when she buys it herself. Which will be never as apparently she is saving up for a horse and I am to save up for the field to put it in, if you don’t mind!!!!

    Each to their own, above just what works for us and is purely IMO.


    I did havetv’s in our previous house in the girls bedroom and in my own. Never thought much about it. But when we moved house 5yrs ago we never put them in and still haven’t. I find the girls who are 12 and 14 listen to a lot of music and read a lot too among other things they get up to that doesnt involve watching tv in their room. The younger boys don’t have tv either and read books, play a jigsaw, game, cards etc. before bed. I find its more relaxing for the children to know tv is gone when its bedtime and there is no tv in their room. In saying that we have 2 tv’s’ downstairs so they get to watch a dvd if they want to before bed or during the day.

    Having had it both ways I much prefer not having a tv in the kids rooms and I love not having a tv in my bedroom, would definately never ever put one in again.


    i have a tv in my bedroom…. i read or use the tv to go asleep!!!

    Hjs what do you watch your home movies on? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Taylor honey, we have the real deal in this house, don’t need any action replays 😉 ❗

    Actually, not wanting to get all intellectual here, but scientific research proves that watching tv immediately prior to sleep actually results in much poorer quality sleep, hence ys, you will fall asleep watching telly, but you wn’t get refreshing, revitalising sleep having done so.

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