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    I’m doing the "comparison thing" again…..

    Bottom line is, I’m trying to see what options we have for tv, without costing a fortune…

    Currently with Sky….
    Neither of us is interested in sports….

    So, would like my normal channels, with some movies…

    I’ve looked at netflix…. did the free month trial, and not too impressed tbh…
    Has anyone got UPC?


    Only yesterday my neighbour was giving out about upc, she was with sky and changed over, she cant get used to the idea that she cant pause and record the tv!!
    Im a bit cheeky, dh and i sign up with sky every 12 months, we swap the sky into different names every 12 months. The person who cancels gets letters every few months about 12 months half price sky, we have the full package at 110 a month but we only pay 55e… just a note you onlyget the half price tv on the package you had before


    Like taylor I have the same package with sky. im getting rid of it altogether and getting soar view


    I’m paying 70 per month…. as I don’t have or want the sports…. so, what do I do cancel, and get dh to re-order?


    Depending on when yougot your sky box. Your husband could cancel. Then get a friend to sponsor you, you’ll get 3 months half price new installation and new box for a small installation fee. Great if you want a room without TV wired, then with old box you still can get free tv in that new room. And your friend will get a bonus cheque about 40 ot 50 euros.
    Good as well if you have an old box and want a newer one.

    Or if you can get by without tv for a while. You cancel, then in few months you’ll get an offer for up to 1 year half price for the same person who did cancel.
    But option 1 you don’t get cut at all.

    We only have the kids/entertaiment pack 25/month so we don’t bother swithcing as we don’t get any better.

    But I’d like to find a single provider for phone + broadband + tv for a competitive price, still dreaming about it 😆
    One day Bettystown will be on the map….



    Yeah, I’ve been doing the search thing today…. upc only do the digital tv in Bettystown… but have no plans for broadband / phone at this stage… or within the next 6 months.

    With two little folk in the house, I don’t think I could go without having a tv in the house… somebody would kill someone else! 😆 I think I’ll call them tomorrow… was going to cancel the movies… cos I don’t watch enough to get the value of them…. but I do have multiroom….


    Cancel the movies for a while, you’ll save money and in few month they’ll contact you with great offer. Then you’ll catch-up with movies you missed.

    Multiroom it’s only 10/month (don’t have it but have been told). Or if you don’t actually watch 2 tv’s at the same time, you can always do what we do it’s take the card from 1 box to the other when we want to watch it in a different room. The only toruble can do it only when nothing is recording at the same time.

    Best of luck in your search for better deal.



    Chewodie you can do what fabienne said as you get the half price tv offer after a few weeks, you will still have tv on your sky box, you get about 200 free view channels, you current sky package will be offered half price so same package you will get for 35e, you cant knock a 50% saving, sure the kids wont be watching that much tv of the next month or two.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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