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    Any recommendtions?

    Have a tv/dvd combo in playroom, rarely used as i stupidly don’t have anywhere for them to sit in there – soon to be remedied I hope- and when i went to put a dvd in the other day, none will load at all.

    Could well be that its as cheap to just get a new one as get it repaired I guess, but seeing as we’ve only had it a year and not much use out of it, wlt give repairs a go if anyone has any suggestions of who?


    I have a dvd-cleaner, it’s a dvd that’s meant to clean the dvd player.
    It’s not a miracle, but it can help, often it doesn’t.
    It did improve ours a little, but at the end, we got a new combi.

    Anyway, if you want to borrow it, let me know.
    I would not buy it it’s nearly 10 euro and no garanties.



    you can now buy cheap DVD players in tescos for €17! Got one about 9 months ago and still going strong!


    If Fabienne’s cleaning disc doesn’t work I would imagine that its the DVD laser gone for a hop and that would cost more to replace than buying a new one.

    Obviously you tried one or two different discs as if too scratched it wont pick them up..

    If the telly still works just hook it up to a cheapo dvd player.

    You say you have only had it for 1 year..maybe you could return to the shop? And say it was barely used?


    thanks all

    what i didnt make clear is that it almost certainly has and maystill have something unceremoniously shoved into the disc loading bit at the side by ds, which prob has damaged / is damaging dvd laser bit thingy. Is going wall mounted so really would prefer an all in 1 thing .

    did not try disc cleaning thing yet so will give a go but not hop0eful 🙁


    we have the same problem here, try murphys on the cross lanes (beside the hospital car park)
    we had trouble with the ps3 and dh had a look before i took it back to the shop… dvd wouldnt load, turned out there were 5 DVD SHOVED INTO THE UNIT!!!!!! once we got the discs out it worked fine… take off teh wall and give a little shake, my have a few extra dvd’s in there 😆 😆 😆 😆


    yhea, murphys is good, i got a telly that broke after a year or so, brought it to murphys and it still going 4 yrs later!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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